Going To War In Toontown

The happiest place on Earth turned into a bar room brawl the other day. It was a sad situation indeed. While some did try to intervene, others stood around and took video with their mobile phones. One of those videos was shared across the social atmosphere, first on YouTube, then to Facebook. The media picked […]

Motorcycle Collisions Pose Challenges

You’ve always been fond of motorcycles. As a kid you would stop and look in the Harley-Davidson store window for what seemed like hours. Then you went through the stage where you liked the Yamahas. You’ve even considered brands like Honda, KTM, Suzuki, BMW, and Victory. You enjoy highway riding as well as motorbikes that […]

When Trying To Quit Almost Kills You

You awaken to the sheer throbbing pain that is emanating from the left side of your face. You glance around, but the surroundings are strange and unrecognizable. You try to move only to discover you are strapped to a bed. Then someone approaches. It’s a nurse, who upon seeing you conscious tells you why you […]

Smoke and Fire Injuries and Your Legal Rights

You awaken to a smoke alarm blaring. You roll out of bed and find thick smoke. Then a horrifying thought “did I forget to turn off the burner on the stove?” You make if out alive but lose everything. The fire department confirms it was the stove. Should you consult an attorney or is it […]

Vehicle Stability and Roof Crush Rollover Injuries

Your wife is driving home from work on a cold November evening, when suddenly a deer is revealed by her headlights. She brakes and swerves but the SUV you bought together for its safety features flips and rolls over several times. The seatbelt and shoulder harness holds, but the roof of the SUV is crushed […]