Construction Site Safety and Trench-Related Injuries

Joe gets hired to do construction work for an excavation contractor. He doesn’t know what all the work entails exactly, but he is excited to have a job. He says good bye to his family and tucks his lunch pail on the seat next to his coffee thermos and heads to his first day on […]

Sorry, Our Number Was Spoofed!

Recently, we have been inundated with calls from upset citizens in and around the Merrillville area.  All calling because they are mad that we have been calling them. …  They are shocked to learn when we explain that we didn’t call them, and that our number has most likely been spoofed by scammers. These nuisance callers copy the […]

Getting Compensation When a Drunk Driver Causes Injury

Drunk and impaired driving crashes are difficult not because it is hard to establish the crash was the fault of the drunk or impaired driver. But because finding a source to compensate victims for the harms suffered the crash is problematic. Often there is no insurance on the vehicle being operated by the drunk. So […]

Could a Robot Algorithm Cause a Car Crash?

We keep seeing headlines about self-driving cars. Will we (meaning humans) really be able to create cars and trucks which will avoid collisions without human intervention, and do so safely and securely without risking injury to passengers in the event of a crash? If you think this will soon happen, I have a stock tip […]

Holiday Injuries From Unsafe Gifts

A new flat screen television, a smart phone, exercise equipment and a monthly subscription to the fruit of the month club. Yep, a couple of fine gifts from friends and loved ones this year for the holidays. But did you know…those same gifts could be dangerous, even deadly? Take for instance the flat screen TV…the […]