Construction Site Dangers

Transcript: Construction sites often are home to many work-related injuries. The reason construction sites are dangerous is because there are a lot of people doing a lot of different activities at the same time. On one work site you may have crane operators and carpenters present, you may have steelworkers on-site as well as concrete […]

Home Heater Malfunction Tragedies

Carbon monoxide, fire, smoke inhalation – all can result from home heating equipment malfunctions. Such damage can flow from not just centrally installed furnaces, but portable heaters and water heaters as well. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a fire, or smoke inhalation, or suffered serious property damage […]

Vehicle-Train Collision Makes Headlines

Recently, a vehicle-train collision made headlines in Indiana when a semi-truck got stuck on the railroad tracks on October 9, 2020. The collision occurred in a small town outside of Indianapolis, and fortunately no injuries were reported. The driver of the stalled semi-truck was not inside the cab at the time the freight train came […]

Tire Blowouts: Who’s Responsible?

On your way home from work you notice your car is riding a bit out of balance. Feels like a wobble of sorts. Then your car starts to shake and you hear a loud pop. It’s at that moment your car veers off course and your instrumentation panel is flashing lights and symbols. You immediately […]

Injured When Bicycle Crank Arm Disengages

It’s a warm day and you are enjoying some fresh air as you go for a bicycle ride.  Traveling along a shared use path with other bicyclists and pedestrians around you, you round a bend and suddenly lose control of your bicycle. Confused, you wonder if you are doing something wrong, but no matter how […]