False Advertising and Deceptive Practices

Consumers have the legal right to have truthful information presented to them about products and services that they wish to purchase. State and federal laws regulate advertisements, including any false, misleading or deceptive claims from businesses about the quality, price or purpose of any products or services. For example, under Indiana Code § 24-5-10-4, involving a home consumer transaction, a seller is required to provide the consumer with two (2) copies of written notice of the consumer’s right to cancel a transaction. Failure to provide such notice can be considered incurably deceptive. A violation of Indiana Code § 24-5-10-17, can potentially subject the wrongdoer to damages in the amount of three times the money unlawfully received. False and misleading advertising can cause significant financial fraud, as well as physical injuries in cases where potential hazards were not warned against by manufacturers.

Though we no longer handle false or deceptive practices based claims we very likely will be able to refer you to someone who will be able to assist you.