A great number of the firm’s clients have been referred from attorneys throughout the United States and we welcome inquires by any attorney wishing to discuss the referral of a case and appropriate co-counsel arrangements.

We well understand that attorneys who are not licensed in Indiana nevertheless have clients who have suffered a personal injury in Indiana, or require the assistance of an Indiana attorney, in order to make a maximum recovery for the client. Also, we frequently help Indiana attorneys who do not concentrate in personal injury matters.

We value our co-counsel relationships and frequently find that working together with other lawyers to help an injured client, is a great advantage to getting a prompt and fair result for our clients. We are mindful of the professional responsibility rules which permit attorneys to enter into a co-counsel contingent legal fee relationship, so long as the relationship is spelled out to the client clearly and in writing.

As part of our analysis in deciding to accept a referral, we consider the respective willingness of counsel to advance costs and expert fees, and frequently agree to advance these costs, if this is the desired relationship with the referring lawyer. We also are clear to discuss up front with a referring attorney the percentage of the anticipated co-counsel fee division between our firm and the referring lawyer, and agree on an appropriate framework at the beginning of the relationship. Lastly, our fee agreements with our clients make them aware of respective attorney responsibilities, and when the case is resolved, the legal fee earned by respective counsel is noted for the client on the settlement statement, which the client must sign and approve.

Do you have a case where you need to engage co-counsel? If so, keep in mind:

You can reach us by calling or filling out the Quick Contact form … we will get back to you promptly. If you need urgent help call our office and follow the prompts for emergency call forwarding.We contact prospective referral clients with 24 hours (this may mean making contact with them in the evening or on a weekend) — we don’t wait for them to call us.When you refer someone to us we get back to you advising if we will take the case, or explaining why we must decline the matter.We perform the initial screening of the potential referral candidate to make sure there is a viable case and then schedule an appointment, you don’t need to screen a referral case.When we accept a prospective client we have them sign our retainer agreement (it will include your name as co-counsel), and we confirm our co-counseling arrangement with you in writing.

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