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The Law Office Of David W. HolubThe Law Office Of David W. Holub

Schererville Work Injury Lawyer

Any work-related injury that will keep you off the job will work a hardship on you and your family.

In Schererville work injuries can, like elsewhere in Indiana, lead to the need for costly medical treatment, as well as the need to replace lost income.

However, navigating the Indiana workers’ compensation system effectively on your own can be a challenge. Also, work injuries also frequently are the result of the negligence of others besides employers and co-workers. In such situations you may have a claim against responsible third parties and not simply a workers compensation claim against your employer.

For example, what if you are operating a gas powered power saw at a Schererville construction site and the engine catches fire leading to severe burns? We handled just such a case in the past and were able to prove that the manufacturer used a faulty seal on the gas cap.

Or how about this example, a fellow was on a raised platform decorating a Schererville tree for Christmas when the boom hydraulics malfunctioned and sent him into energized powerlines where he suffered serious injuries. Not only was his employer legally responsible, but we were able to look to the power company and boom manufacturer for legal responsibility.

The more serious your injuries, the more important it is to consult an experienced work injury attorney who is familiar with Schererville work injuries. It is common for people injured at work have their claims unfairly denied and having an attorney on your side with decades of experience protecting injured workers’ rights is essential to making a good financial recovery. Our attorneys have experience handling workers’ compensation claims and appeals. We also have the knowledge and resources to recognize when legal action needs to be filed against a negligent third party — whether it be a subcontractor or the providers of faulty equipment.

Our Schererville work injury lawyers offer personalized, comprehensive service.

Whether you fell from scaffolding or a ladder on a building site, or were injured in a workplace motor vehicle accident, or got hurt as a teacher trying to break up a fight between two unruly students, we can help you maximize the compensation you need to rebuild your life.  To arrange your free consultation, contact us online anytime or call.