Tesla’s Battery Causing Devastating Injuries

Oh boy, Tesla again…they just can’t seem to stay out of the news. A few blog posts back we shared news about Tesla’s Autopilot causing injuries…now it’s their batteries. You would think consumers would be afraid to purchase these vehicles, unfortunately injury and death doesn’t seem to stop people from owning a Tesla. A Washington […]

Hurt When Gas Line is Cut While Digging

While it isn’t every day that someone severs a gas line, serious injury or death may result when a gas line is ruptured while digging. Large gas lines are usually permanently marked and exist in a well-defined right-of-way. Professional excavating companies rarely hit these lines. But, smaller gas lines that lead into  homes are more […]

Clothing Fire Injuries

You answer the phone at work and it is a nurse calling from the hospital. Your wife just arrived by ambulance. You hear the words “third degree burns over 60 percent of her body” but you can’t understand what happened. You arrive at the hospital and learn she was getting ready to take a bath […]

Fuel Tank Leaks Lead to Serious Injuries

Fuel tank related fires are common dangers found with malfunctioning or improperly made small engines like gasoline powered chainsaws, or lawn mower fuel tanks. Such fires can also result car and truck fuels tank leaks following a collision. Even electric vehicle batteries can cause serious fires following a collision. … In this post we explore […]