How Much Are You Suing For?

It doesn’t matter what your injury was, in fact those asking you questions about your impending lawsuit only want to know one question…how much are you suing for? It’s as if that question was programmed into their DNA that as soon as they hear someone is suing they have to know how much. Those that […]

Tire Blowouts: Who’s Responsible?

On your way home from work you notice your car is riding a bit out of balance. Feels like a wobble of sorts. Then your car starts to shake and you hear a loud pop. It’s at that moment your car veers off course and your instrumentation panel is flashing lights and symbols. You immediately […]

Hurt At A Gym While Making A Social Media Video

Since the rise in popularity of social media, some have taken to extremes in creating videos. Unfortunately, there are a few who just don’t use common sense, or think nothing could go wrong. And then they get hurt and wonder if they can sue. Have you ever been to a fitness facility of some kind […]

Doctor Botched the Surgery and Lied, Can We Sue?

What was supposed to be a “walk in the park” 3-hour outpatient surgical procedure turned into a nightmarish 11-hour ordeal. What started out as a routine umbilical hernia operation became a litany of medical errors that almost put the patient, a 47-year-old male, at risk of losing his intestines. The doctor who operated had performed […]

The Package You Ordered Resulted In A Slip & Fall Injury Case

Have you ever ordered an item and the company says they shipped it to you but you never received it? Maybe you even contacted the postal authorities or the parcel delivery companies wondering where your package was. And they replied, “we delivered it”. They even tell you where they put your package. Which in most […]