Indiana Court System: A Covid 19 Update.

It’s been a few months since I wrote about the Coronavirus and I thought I would bring you up to speed on what is happening in the Indiana court system. “We are closely monitoring” seems to be the phrase State and County officials are using in describing the Covid 19 pandemic. As if the media, […]

Covid-19 And Your Medical Malpractice Injury Case

This “new” normal that society has adopted due to the Covid-19 pandemic is causing havoc in the way patients are treated during surgery, after surgery and even in recovery. And it’s not just mistakes that are happening, but procedures are being ignored, or downright refused. Take for instance this scenario… A day after hip surgery […]

What’s An Injury Attorney To Do When There’s No Accidents?

What’s An Injury Attorney To Do When There Are No Auto Accidents? Well that’s the dilemma that most attorneys are in right now. And sadly, with some courts still closed it makes defending our clients against negligent drivers a bit difficult. With many States still implementing “stay at home” orders it means less people are […]

Filing a Case When the Courts are Closed

It may seem like strange times when the courts and other government agencies are closed. So what happens when the courts are closed and the deadline to sue expires. In this video we explain how the ordinary everyday court rules guide attorneys on how to deal with court closures. The Indiana Trial Rules tell us […]

What if Statute of Limitations Expires During a Closure

What happens when the statute of limitations on filing a case expires during a time when courts are shut down? If all of the courts are shutting down for months, due to an emergency, what does this mean for people who have a case that needs to be filed because the statute of limitations is […]