Pedestrian Accidents at Night

Have you ever been driving in your car at night when it’s dark out and been surprised to see a pedestrian suddenly come into your view, almost like they came out of nowhere? Maybe they were walking in an area or part of town that is not usually where you expect to see people walking. […]

This Injures and Kills Hunters More Than Guns

Across Indiana thousands of licensed hunters go into the woods and fields in search of deer, turkey, grouse, squirrels and many other types of wild game. Most return safely. But for a small percentage the injuries are life threatening. Oh, it’s not animals versus humans or even a gun mishap that causes the injuries, it’s […]

Ditching Common Sense In Road Construction Leads To $2.25 Million Settlement

It’s dark, you’re driving through a construction zone on a road marked with orange cones. You notice, as you’re driving, the line of cones is coming to an end. As you pass the last cone you veer over to get into the other lane, that’s when it happened. Your car ends up in a deep […]

Your Bicycle Frame Fails Causing Serious Injury

Your new hi-tech bicycle cost a pretty penny. It looks sharp too. But, as you are rolling down the trail you experience a sudden frame collapse, leading you and the bicycle to go down hard while traveling at 15 miles an hour. Thankfully a friend preserved the wreck of the bike. Several broken bones later […]

How Do We Safely Manage the Dangers Posed by Electricity?

Not long ago someone asked “have you had any challenging cases involving electricity?” The answer of course is yes. Electricity is a dangerous commodity with which we surround ourselves daily. Because we take steps to confine it to wires behind outlets we can sometimes fool ourselves into seeing it as safe. But it is not […]