Claims & Insurance Premiums

Transcript: What you should do if your insurance company suggests to you that your premiums will go up if you make a claim. First, you have paid for insurance. You have paid premiums precisely because you want to be protected and because you want to be able to make a claim. You have a right to make a claim. An absolute right. So don’t be second guessing your desire to make a claim because an insurance adjuster says your premiums will go up. Second, you can always cancel your insurance and obtain insurance for another company. And we would recommend that in many cases if you are pursuing your own insurance company for any particular right that you have secured insurance for under your own policy, if you’re not happy with the way your insurance company is providing service or if they are threatening you, immediately obtain insurance from another company. Third, most benefits under your own policy, such as medical claim coverage or what’s called MedPay, are no-fault benefits. That means that it doesn’t matter whether you had any fault in the particular crash or the other party had fault in the particular crash, you are entitled to those benefits regardless of your fault assessment by an insurance company, and they should not be increasing your premiums because you’re making application for benefits which you paid for.

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