Cedar Lake was settled in the mid 1800s.

It has enjoyed acclaim as a favorite resort destination for years.

David W. Holub has handled many Cedar Lake car accident cases as a personal injury lawyer in his over 30 year career.

We are a nation dependent on our cars, and the community of Cedar Lake is no exception. While traveling by automobile is a convenience, spending a lot of time on the road in your car comes with a risk. No two car accidents are alike, but over thirty years, Cedar Lake area car accident lawyer David W. Holub has seen just about every type of collision that can be named: head-on, rear-end accidents, sideswipes, hit and run, and multi-vehicle wrecks. Why do car crashes happen in Cedar Lake? The primary documented cause is failure to yield the right of way, but you can add in speeding, tailgating, failing to obey traffic signals, drunk driving, fatigued driving, distracted driving, and many other types of reckless behavior.

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