We are very gratified when our clients provide us with feedback. Below are quotes excerpted from notes we have received from our clients. The list is by no means exhaustive.

Very satisfied with the way I was treated. Dissatisfied that the young man who hit me had limited insurance coverage, but would definitely recommend your office to a friend

~Exnar M

I was referred by another attorney and was told your office would take care of my situation. Very professional. Very satisfied.

~Kenneth H

Very useful. Very satisfied. Would confidently recommend your firm to a friend.

~Mary V

I was totally appreciative of the service on my behalf. Very satisfied. I recommend Attorney Holub and his law firm. I felt very confident in his ability, and he is hard-working, and I’m glad that this law firm is truly in favor of the people.

~Sarah F

Very satisfied with the quality of service. Would use your office again in the future. Website is very convenient.

~Marcus T

Very satisfied. Thank you to Mr. Holub and Jen for all of the hard work and patience. I feel very grateful.

~Adalaide M

The information provided on the website, including the videos, speaks to what the David Holub law office represents. Continue to represent your clients with the grace and kindness you showed me. Thank you to the staff for everything. Very satisfied.

~Karla B

Overall, I have been satisfied with the process. It was beneficial for me to learn everything that was on the website.


I was very happy working with you. After fighting so hard on my case I would of course use your office again. Very satisfied! And, [website is] really good and helpful.

~Juliane M

The staff always kept me informed, as well as Attorney Holub. Attorney Holub has a great team! [Website] was very useful! It provided me with information to hold me over until our initial meeting. Attorney Holub and his team are great and will always have me as a client!

~Sarah B

The experience was great. Very satisfied. Would recommend. Website is very informative and easy to understand.

~Ashley W

Doing a good job. Keep up the good work.

~Sabrina H

No concerns at all with how my case was handled. Thanks to everyone here. Thank you Mr. Holub.

~Antonio M

Your service was excellent. I don’t think you need improvement. I am very happy that you represented me. I would use your services again.

~Amanda W

I had great service! Very satisfied.

~Jennifer K

I looked for attorneys that would take my personal injury case and was rejected by many not seeing the seriousness and with less than 60 days remaining on the statute of limitations. I was invited in, with the assurance that attorney David W Holub PC would handle my case and take on the big insurance company to get myself and my family what we deserve. I’ve never been more grateful for the effort on behalf of attorney Holub and his team, and would recommend this firm over any other for the care and consideration. Thank you to the team at David W Holub PC!

~David R

You all are wonderful. On time and get the job done. Thanks to each and everyone of you. Keep up the good work. If I need a lawyer again I will be calling on you all. May God Bless you all.


All was excellent. I will highly recommend Mr. Holub, and if needed in the future, I will certainly call him.

~Maria M

Thank you very much for everything and I will always refer you to anyone [I know] that needs and attorney.


Attorney Holub never stopped working [for us]. His dedication was outstanding. Dawn is such an asset to the team and helped communicate every step of the way. The website is a good tool and helped in choosing this law office.


Everything was excellent! Everything was awesome! Your website and videos were useful. The book ‘Fighting For Truth’ was great – very informative.


I have no complaints; only compliments. Attorney Holub and Dawn were very professional and kind. Kept me and my husband informed at all times, and always answered/returned my calls. Service was wonderful.

~Jessica B.

Great service. The staff here is the best. Very nice!

~Anthony E

Website is very helpful!

~Kholoud, I

I was very satisfied with your services. [Y]our website answered many questions I had prior to our meetings.


I am very satisfied with the outcome. Love you all!

~Marvin B

Very satisfied … very efficient, great teamwork! [Website was] very helpful!

~Reba F

Very satisfied … you guys were great!

~Keita H

I have no complaints, [my case] was handled well. Very satisfied

~Jewell J

I found the website [to be] very useful and easy to use. Thank you for all your help! I am so grateful for your office and staff!

~Tiffany K

Thank you all for everything you have helped me and my family with from the beginning to the end of my case. Very satisfied

~Carrie L

Very satisfied. Customer service in this office was outstanding!!!

~Sharon M

[Service] was excellent. Communication between us was awesome

~Joseph M

In my case it was a very good result. Very satisfied. Very good law firm.

~Christopher R

Very professional and courteous to us as new clients. David Holub and his staff worked very hard to get our case settled and we are very pleased with the results. Would recommend his Law Offices to friends and family for their legal needs.

~Anthony M

Attorney Holub and the office team are great. Mr. Holub has one heck of a law office. The website is very informative.

~Tiara P

Very helpful and professional. A great team. Website was very beneficial to me. It helped me prepare for my case.

~Regina, C

I would use this law office again if need be. Thanks to everyone for helping me out with this case. You guys made this an easy, painless process.

~Armando, B

[Website is] very useful … service is fine as is. Very satisfied

~Pamela H

The website is very informative … people [should see it] before making their … choice of attorney. Grateful for your professionalism and that of your team of paralegals. Very satisfied.

~George E

[W]ebsite is very beneficial … the articles and videos helped [me] to understand who will be representing [me] … Very satisfied.

~Nicole C

Very satisfied … [website was] helpful!

~Cynthia G

You guys are great!

~Courtney L

I will be referring anyone who needs David Holub’s assistance. [Website] is very beneficial.

~Tracy N

We are so pleased with how you stuck with us and helped us get the best settlement

~Samuel R

Service was great. Deposition preparation helped me gain perspective, but could have used more guidance.

~Tiffany B

The service was excellent. [The website] was very useful and so was the information

~Keith C

[S]taff has been helpful and very courteous … I am pretty happy with your service.

~Jennifer N

Useful and beneficial website. Articles and videos were very helpful. Moderately satisfied with result.

~Wayne J

Very satisfied with my experience at DavidHolubLaw. Thank you for your service with my lawsuit.

~Robert C

The service was very good. Love the website. I have told people about this office.

~Keisha N

Very satisfied. I will always recommend you! Stay real!

~Diane R

Very satisfied. Great office staff!

~Lisa S

I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Mr. Holub and [his team] … always quick to get back to me

~Sarah D

Keep doing what you do – very pleased. Website is great and useful.

~Jose P

[The Holub Team has] a calm steady approach which matched my personality. Very satisfied … a perfect yin and yang team.

~Shepella W

My experience with the Law Offices of David W. Holub has been very satisfactory. Everyone I encountered has been professional, patient and compassionate. This is a very trustworthy law firm, and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Holub to others.

~Stephanie K

I feel that your service is excellent. I will definitely come back in the future

~Lisa H

Thank you for handling my case with the utmost professionalism, patience and understanding … I thank you for being at your best at times when I wasn’t. I would gladly welcome/refer anyone to your practice

~Rachel B

I think [your website] is great! I consider this firm to be the best that is – thorough, thoughtful and careful in providing the best service

~Jerri G

Very satisfied with the quality of service. Thank you for a job well done!

~Alta, H

Everything was great. Would use your office again!

~Katerina, I

You have been wonderful. Very satisfied. Website information is very beneficial.

~Geraldine H

Very satisfied. [Website information] is very informative and helpful. Keep up the good work!

~Antoinette Y

My experience was great! Had hoped to achieve a little better result, but no concerns.

~Troy M

Would use your office again. [Website] is very useful … wish I knew some of the info before

~Justin W

Paralegal helping me] was very nice and always got back to me in a timely manner. Thanks for taking my case. I really appreciate it.

~Sandra S

All of the staff have been very nice at all times. And very professional. No changes need to be made that I see.

~Derek S

By far the best law office I’ve worked with [having had] prior knowledge of how cases get handled before coming in. Everyone was so friendly and helpful throughout the whole process! [My paralegal] and Mr. Holub stayed in constant contact on every aspect of my case! Couldn’t be happier!

~Bianca C

This office is great and the people are very nice, very friendly and always on top of everything with my case … [and they] treat me with respect. I am so happy I picked this office to take both of my cases.

~David M

Very satisfied with service and result achieved. Would confidentlly recommend the services of your team

~John S

Very satisfied with result and service. Very satisfied with website and content.

~Felicitas L

Very satisfied. Everyone was very helpful and straight forward; no beating around the bush.

~Zak Z

I was very happy that I made the right decision to use the David Holub law office. Very satisified.

~Nancy G.

I truly appreciate how your office handled my case and informed me on how my case was going. Your office did a great job. I would truly recommend my family and friends.

~Terry J

Very satisfied. 100% perfection! Every staff member was great!

~Holland E

Generally speaking … very satisfied with the quality of service provided. No concerns whatsoever. … Yes, would recommend to a friend.”

~Ibrahim Y

Keep doing what you’re doing! Would refer your office to a friend!

~Tasha M

My son’s case was handled with extreme care. It’s been a battle, but I am slowly finding my way back to a normal life. I don’t think I would have made it through this without having a break down with out the help of the people in this office.

~Sheilonda S

Very satisfied! Staff is very attentive to their client’s needs. The office promptly returns phone calls and addressed any issues that I may have had. Everyone was wonderful!

~Jamie P

I have never once been disappointed by the commitment to my case. Your staff helped rebuild the confidence I lost in past law firms I hired.

~Steven M

Very satisfied with the quality of service, and well satisfied with our result.

~George and Nancy

Would confidently recommend. Well satisfied.

~Robert W

Very satisfied with results obtained. Would recommend to friend.

~Ruben, Z

Very satisfied with our result. Thank you for all your efforts

~Harold and Cynthia

Keep doing what you do – very satisfied.

~Vanita S

Very satisfied. Wouldn’t change a thing you do. Excellent.

~Carol V

Very satisfied. Your service was great. I recommended your law firm to my cousin

~Gina C

Very satisfied. We would use your office again. We would recommend your services to a friend.

~Mariana and Mirko

I’m very satisfied. Everyone was professional and explained things very well. I can’t put into words how satisfied I am.

~Ikima, M

Thank you very much … . I think you are an outstanding attorney and would recommend you to anyone I come across who may need your professional services.

~Ellen J

I am very happy with your services and will recommend the firm to all of my friends.

~Eric L

Very satisfied. … Up front with the truth, diligent

~John M

I appreciate your ability to see the merit in pursuing the suit, when other lawyers gave us so little hope or encouragement. Thank you

~Lisa D

I was very happy working with you. After fighting so hard on my case I would of course use your office again. Very satisfied! And, [website is] really good and helpful.

~Juliane M

Very satisfied with the way I was treated. Dissatisfied that the young man who hit me had limited insurance coverage, but would definitely recommend your office to a friend.

~Exnar M
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