When A Child’s Sleeper Turns Deadly

The headline stated that 5 million baby sleepers were recalled after being linked to dozens of infants deaths. Fisher-Price, the manufacturer of the baby sleepers, warned parents to stop using the product once their child was three months old. Apparently, the three month age was determined to be the age when babies typically begin to […]

Cancer Diagnosis and Medical Malpractice

A scene we have all watched in any number of movies involves a patient sitting in their doctor’s office. The doctor in a white lab coat points to a radiology image and says “there is the tumor you have a cancer”. As the scene plays out the patient either runs from the room, or if […]

Without Consent: When A Hospital Violates Your Rights

You just found out the very institution you deemed a safe space violated your rights. The hospital you trusted to help you heal from your injuries secretly video recorded you while you were there. They recorded you getting undressed, they recorded your interaction with the doctor and they recorded your medical procedure. And it wasn’t […]

Your Bicycle Frame Fails Causing Serious Injury

Your new hi-tech bicycle cost a pretty penny. It looks sharp too. But, as you are rolling down the trail you experience a sudden frame collapse, leading you and the bicycle to go down hard while traveling at 15 miles an hour. Thankfully a friend preserved the wreck of the bike. Several broken bones later […]

Practical and Legal Ways to Deal with Social Media Blackouts

Freedom of speech is a simple concept. Think Ben Franklin and his printing press. Social media is little more than a modern day Franklin permitting citizens an opportunity to state their opinions in a daily newspaper for free. Since today’s Franklin owns the paper, ink and printing press, the law permits him to decline to […]