The Negligent Party Lied

Sadly, people lie. If they told the truth there would far less defenders in the world seeking justice. Far less law enforcement officers. Far less lawyers. Far less judges. I think you get the picture. Those lies that people tell to make themselves look innocent, employ a lot of people. Unfortunately those same lies get […]

Child Injured While Trespassing Part 2

Transcript: Hi, I am Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub. In our last video clip, we discussed a question from a caller who asked, “my son is 12 years old. He found some old boards around an abandoned building and built a ramp for his bike. The boards broke as he tried the ramp, and […]

The McDonald’s Lawsuit: 30 Years Later

In 1992, 79 year-old Stella Liebeck accidently spilled scolding hot McDonald’s coffee on her lap. She suffered third-degree burns on her legs and groin area. Those burns required many hospital stays, skin grafts and resulted in lost income and paying out of pocket for medical bills. She offered the fast food chain a settlement of […]

Liability for Serving Alcohol to Minors at a Party

Can parents be held liable for injuries to a minor where they fail to monitor a party where alcohol is available to a minor? What does the law have to say about aiding and encouraging a minor to possess alcohol or giving alcohol to a minor? Find out the answer in this podcast.