Forget the Evidence, Just Give Me A Polygraph

“I’ll take a lie detector test just to prove my innocence”, the man yelled in defense of his position. And we hear that phrase a great deal, especially on TV legal drama programs. The man takes the lie detector test and after a few questions, the test operator turns to the head detective and says, […]

Who Has the Burden of Proof?

You are in a dispute with someone and decide to contact an attorney. You think you want to sue. When you reach the attorney he or she asks you what proof you have to support your claim. You respond “I’m not sure, but he hurt me and I want to sue”. There’s a big difference […]

Doctor Botched the Surgery and Lied, Can We Sue?

What was supposed to be a “walk in the park” 3-hour outpatient surgical procedure turned into a nightmarish 11-hour ordeal. What started out as a routine umbilical hernia operation became a litany of medical errors that almost put the patient, a 47-year-old male, at risk of losing his intestines. The doctor who operated had performed […]

You Were Injured By A Doctor In A Foreign Land Can You Sue?

Your insurance denied your request for a medical procedure you thought was essential to extending your health and well-being. In fact, you know of many friends who received the same procedure and their insurance paid for it. The more you argued with the insurance the more determined you became about the procedure. So you made it […]

Just Whose Blind Spot is It Anyway?

Way too often we hear from defendant truckers who have cut off other drivers and moved into a lane occupied by another vehicle, or backed into a vehicle, and their excuse is “that you were in my blind spot”. Aside from the practical safety concerns when you are around a semi tractor trailer, which suggest […]