What is Needed to Drive Commercial Vehicles

A motor carrier employee includes independent contractors hired to drive and mechanics working on trucks. A commercial motor vehicle includes trucks weighing over 10,001 pounds. A CDL is always required and drug and alcohol testing are required. Drivers must submit written applications and be able to pass a road test.

Is The GPS At Fault?

With a two second warning the GPS tells you to turn right. And so you do. You don’t think about it. You just turn. And then it happens. You collide with several parked cars, damaging your car in the process. Was it your fault? Or was it the fault of the GPS?

What are the Commercial Vehicle Driver Safety Rules

Drug and alcohol screen requirements for Commercial Motor Carriers.

Inattentive Driving Is Negligence

Maybe you’ve noticed that there have been quite a few articles on our blog about Tesla over the years. We’ve shared our thoughts on Tesla’s autopilot (they call it driver assist). We have addressed their infotainment features, such as watching movies and playing video games while driving. In all those articles, you would think that […]