Getting Burned from a Frozen Treat

In shopping malls across the United States kiosks are popping up selling this new chilled treat…and consumers are getting injured from it. Recently a South Carolina man reportedly suffered a laceration in his mouth upon consuming this trendy frozen desert. Now he’s suing. The sign reads … “Dragon Breath is a fun desert cereal snack […]

Guaranteed to Injure You or Someone You Know!

It’s labeled perfect for birthday parties or big groups. It’s advertised as easy to set up, that kids will love it and that it lowers the temperature by a whopping 25 degrees. In great big bold letters are the words PATENT PENDING as if that is supposed to illicit some Pavlovian response. Words such as […]

Posting Selfies Can Get You Killed

We have posted before about how social media posts in general, including the posting of selfies, can harm a personal injury case. But, selfie posts can get you killed and lead to other destructive harm as noted in an article published on July 26, 2018, by authors Allen and Heber. The article describes how militant fighters […]

Self Help with Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing home injuries that result from neglect or abuse must be taken seriously. Every situation needs to be evaluated carefully. Not every situation justifies the filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit. Malpractice cases are expensive to pursue and require expert testimony to be successful. Where an injury quickly heals, a malpractice case may not be […]

Did the Russians Hack the Server?

That’s a question lots of people have. But, what about the answer? Is there an answer? It may surprise our readers that in the work we do for our clients, questions dealing with electronic equipment access often need answers. Forensic computer experts spend hours examining computers and electronic equipment connections for litigation purposes (both civil […]