What if Statute of Limitations Expires During a Closure

What happens when the statute of limitations on filing a case expires during a time when courts are shut down? If all of the courts are shutting down for months, due to an emergency, what does this mean for people who have a case that needs to be filed because the statute of limitations is […]

Flying Off The Shelves Into A Class Action Lawsuit

In these crazy times we are living where the words “social distancing”, “self-isolation” and even “lockdown” are drilled into our minds…one other word has become synonymous with this coronavirus… “hand sanitizer”. The fact that every media outlet, every physician and medical professional, and even the Centers For Disease Control advises to wash your hands with […]

What Does Crashworthiness Mean?

Crashworthiness is something we look at with every single auto accident case. Why? Simply, if the vehicle or vehicles involved were not designed to absorb the impact and protect the passengers from injuries then the manufacturer of such vehicles could be held liable “A motor vehicle may qualify as defective if it is designed or […]

Can We Sue Over Coronavirus Infection or Death?

Lately that’s been the question people are asking us. Can they sue if they or a loved one become infected or die from the coronavirus (also named COVID 19 by the medical community)? It’s a legitimate question, yet up until a month ago very few people even knew to ask it … and yet now […]

Which is Better: Self-driving Cars, or Stay at Home Workers?

There continues to be a fascination with self-driving cars. The hope is that they will put an end to car crashes. But what exactly is a self-driving car, and is the dream of filling the highways with them justified? First, what is a self-driving car? Would it be fair to call a self-driving car a […]