Smoke and Fire Injuries and Your Legal Rights

You awaken to a smoke alarm blaring. You roll out of bed and find thick smoke. Then a horrifying thought “did I forget to turn off the burner on the stove?” You make if out alive but lose everything. The fire department confirms it was the stove. Should you consult an attorney or is it […]

Vehicle Stability and Roof Crush Rollover Injuries

Your wife is driving home from work on a cold November evening, when suddenly a deer is revealed by her headlights. She brakes and swerves but the SUV you bought together for its safety features flips and rolls over several times. The seatbelt and shoulder harness holds, but the roof of the SUV is crushed […]

Recalls, Responsibilities and Rights

You were in an automobile accident and the airbags never deployed. You and your passengers suffered injuries and trauma. The person who hit your vehicle didn’t have insurance. So who’s responsible? Is the other vehicle driver responsible? Or is the car manufacturer? Or perhaps the airbag manufacturer? Or maybe your mechanic who last inspected your […]

Warning: This Article May Cause You To File A Lawsuit

I recently ordered a package of 9 volt batteries from Amazon for our smoke detectors here at the office. Inside the package of batteries was a pamphlet written in English and 7 other languages. Each language had the same 40 or so warnings about the batteries for basically every scenario you could think of that […]

Blades Of Summer

The sounds of synchronized mowing as your neighbors partake in the weekly ritual of lawn care means fresh cut grass and summer fun. Unfortunately, the act of mowing can lead to injuries and trips to the emergency room. Keeping lawns perfectly manicured is a way of life for some. The blades of grass cannot be […]