Choosing A Car Accident Attorney

Try typing “car accident attorney” into Google or any search engine and most likely you’ll see ads from law firms from all over. And if using Google you might even see what’s called “Google Screened” followed by “Personal Injury Lawyers nearby” with names and pictures of various attorneys. The internet really does make it easy […]

How To File a Railroad Worker FELA Injury Claim?

The FELA governs work injury claims involving railway workers hurt on the job. FELA cases can be especially complicated where a third party shares fault for an injury along with the railroad employer .

What Can You Do If You Hired the Wrong Attorney?

We get calls several times a week from people who have hired the wrong attorney. When they call, they don’t really know that they have selected the wrong attorney. But after a few minutes of speaking with them, it’s obvious that they have chosen the wrong attorney. Usually, the call starts out with the caller […]

Can You Sue if Injured by Falling Debris?

Transcript: Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub. Falling debris can cause devastating injuries. In a city like Chicago, with many tall buildings, pedestrians (and even people inside cars) have been injured or killed by falling ice in spring, and equipment or debris falling from a building. Jobsite hardhats will protect a person from […]

Injured by a Home Heater Fire?

Transcript: Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub. Home fire incidents where the ignition source is a space heater make the local news headlines far too frequently. These fires happen because someone is using a space heater that is either defective or the heater is not being used as intended, or someone has neglected […]