Are House Renting Services A Safe Alternative?

Recently I wrote a blog article about injuries sustained while staying at hotels. I talked about the many types of injuries that might occur while lodging at these establishments. Such as unsafe parking lots, unmarked curbs, potholes and even poorly lit hallways inside the buildings. I even shared how people staying at these places could […]

Hotel and Motel Injuries

We live in a free and mobile society, and frequent travel leads to frequent nights spent in a hotel or motel. Many types of injuries can occur in overnight lodging situations, even in bed and breakfast accommodations or inns and resorts. For example, a robbery or mugging can occur while you are on a hotel […]

Medical Malpractice Standard of Care

When it comes to medical malpractice cases most people assume that malpractice occurs as a consequence of the injured party receiving “negligent” care.   However, injuries sustained in the course of medical treatment must in court be judged against a special “standard of care” applicable to medical providers acting under like circumstances. Standard of care is […]

Is My Deposition Important?

Occasionally a personal injury case client will ask is my deposition really that important? … The answer is yes, but only if you want to win. … Sure, preparing for a deposition (which is a statement under oath taken down by a court reporter) is a bit of a pain. To properly prepare you need […]

Why It’s Important To Maintain Uninsured and Underinsured Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage!

It’s 9pm and you’re worried. Your husband should have been home two hours ago. You’ve tried to call him, but no answer. Another hour goes by. Then your phone rings. You glance down, it’s your husband calling. But the voice on the other end is not your husband’s. You hear, “Ma’am, this is Lieutenant Smith, […]