Accidents happen; this is a fact of life that everyone learns early on. However, not all incidents are the result of uncontrollable circumstances. In some situations, another person’s careless, negligent, or reckless actions are what lead to injury. Even if the individual did not intend to hurt anyone, they still owe a duty to their neighbors and community to act with a proper amount of care and not endanger others.

When you have been injured because of another’s negligence, the effects it can have on your life can be severe. You do not have to try to put your life back together alone. A Valparaiso personal injury lawyer may be able to help you hold the at-fault person legally and financially responsible for the injuries they caused you.

Common Accidents

Severe harm can happen in a variety of contexts. Some are more likely than others depending on a person’s occupation, travel habits, and other factors. That said, the situations where serious injuries most frequently occur include:

Every injury is unique, and an individual’s need for an effective recovery will depend on the context. Thankfully, there is professional assistance available. A Valparaiso attorney with experience handling personal injury cases could help an injured person evaluate their case and explore the available remedies.

Comparative Fault

Determining who caused an accident is not always clear-cut. Sometimes, multiple people may have taken actions that led to an incident. In addition, the injured person may be partially responsible. For example, an individual in a car wreck caused by another driver running a red light may be found partially responsible for their own injuries if they were speeding or texting at the time.

In some places, the law states an injured person who is partially at fault for an accident cannot recover any compensation. Fortunately, this state handles the situation more equitably. Indiana Code § 34-51-2-6 provides that an individual may not recover compensation for their injuries if their level of responsibility was greater than that of any other person named in the lawsuit. However, the law also clarifies that the amount of compensation an injured person may recover for their harm will be reduced in proportion to the percent of responsibility a jury chooses to assign. In other words, a plaintiff who was 20 percent liable will have their final damages award reduced by 20 percent.

Determining the impact of these rules on a particular situation can be challenging, especially without any professional support. A seasoned lawyer with experience handling personal injury cases in Valparaiso may be able to help a person investigate and analyze their accident to understand the potential consequences and what their claim may be worth.

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When you have experienced severe harm at the hands of another person, the effects on your life can be numerous and consequential. Beyond recovering from your injuries, you will likely have to bear medical expenses, fix damage to property, and deal with insurance companies. If another person’s carelessness caused your injuries, you do not have to weather it alone. Schedule an initial free consultation with a Valparaiso personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of David W. Holub to learn more.

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