Gary, Indiana is known for its thriving steel industry, impressive architecture and beautiful parks. It is also one of the larger cities in the state. When injuries occur, members of this community can turn to the Law Offices of David W. Holub.

As an experienced Gary personal injury lawyer, David Holub is able to handle a variety of cases from beginning to end. His firm focuses on the client. The client’s needs come first at all times regardless of how complex or time consuming a case may be. Consideration and empathy are standards for the firm as well, particularly for clients who have dealt with death in their family or life-altering injuries from accidents.

The Law Offices of David W. Holub handle car and truck accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall cases, work related injuries and construction accidents. Finding an attorney who is skilled and knowledgeable in these areas can be frustrating, particularly when quick legal action is needed. If you or a loved one is facing any of these devastating issues, contact the Law Offices of David W. Holub for more information on taking the next step.

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