People who own land and real estate have an obligation to make sure that the area is reasonably safe for anyone on the property. If they do not meet this obligation, they may be responsible for injuries that result. This is known as premises liability.

When you have been hurt on someone else’s land, a Merrillville premises liability lawyer may be able to help. An experienced personal injury attorney could assist you in investigating the accident, evaluating the landowner’s actions, calculating potential compensation, and, if necessary, protecting and asserting your legal rights in a courtroom

Common Aspects of Premises Liability

Property owners can be held responsible for their lack of care regarding their land or the structures within them. Some familiar places where premises liability injuries could occur include:

  • Office buildings and other places of work
  • Apartment complexes or condominiums
  • Retail or grocery stores
  • Private residences
  • Amusement parks
  • Construction sites
  • Movie theaters

In addition, there are common accidents that could lead to a property owner being responsible for another person’s injuries. These incidents can include:

These situations can be complicated, and responsibility for an incident depends on a number of factors. A Merrillville lawyer with experience handling premises liability cases could help an injured person investigate the events that led to their accident and establish whether liability exists.

Classification of Guests on a Property

In injuries on another’s property, the owner does not owe the same level of care to everyone on their premises. A Merrillville attorney could assist with determining what this duty is and how it relates to an accident. There are a few principles that are generally applicable.

For example, a person could be on the property to benefit the property owner, like shoppers at a retail store who the owner has invited inside to purchase merchandise. In this situation, the owner is responsible for making reasonable efforts to seek out and rectify dangerous conditions on the premises.

In another context, an individual could be on the property for their own benefit, such as a social guest. Here, the owner is responsible for informing visitors on the dangers they are aware of, but are not responsible for locating and fixing potential problem areas.

Finally, a person could be on a property illegally (trespassing). In this scenario, the only thing the owner must avoid is purposefully causing harm to the trespasser. Invitees and licensees and even trespassers have the right to file suit against a property owner for damages after they are harmed on hazardous property and should contact a lawyer immediately.

Seek Out a Premises Liability Attorney in Merrillville

Injuries that occur on another person’s property can be severe. Even a simple slip and fall can lead to debilitating medical bills. When you or a loved one is hurt because someone else failed to keep their premises safe, you deserve financial justice for your injuries.

A Merrillville premises liability lawyer may be able to help you evaluate your accident and build a claim. Call today and learn more from the legal professionals at the Law Office of David W. Holub – we work on your behalf and you do not pay unless we secure a monetary payout for you.

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