The Law Office Of David W. HolubThe Law Office Of David W. Holub

The Law Office Of David W. HolubThe Law Office Of David W. Holub

Our Team

We are a team of legal professionals.

Our experienced attorneys and paralegals work to help restore what the careless person or company has taken away from our clients. Careless and reckless action often leads to profound life changing circumstances which range from the inability to work, to loss of mobility, to dependency on others for the base necessities of life.

We use all the tools that modern technology makes available. We have a state of the art facility, complete with video conferencing technology. We have state of the art scanners and computer networking systems, as well as a state of the art phone system. We also have an offsite team of nurse and physician consultants, as well as engineering consultants, to help us take on the biggest of companies.

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About David Holub

Our firm founder and leader of our team, David W. Holub, began practicing law in 1982. His philosophy has been to build a team of legal professionals who have embraced his vision and dedication to providing top quality legal representation, while being accessible and attentive to the needs of our clients as we seek to repair the damage caused by careless conduct.

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Our Attorneys

Only attorneys at or near the top of their law school class have been asked to join our team. Yet, the ability to empathize with and communicate well with our clients is an essential quality of all of our attorneys. Additionally, our attorneys are skilled in digital legal research and have access to national databases housing all state and federal case law, statutes, regulations, national and international safety standards, and peer reviewed medical literature published both nationally and internationally.

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Our Paralegals

Like our attorneys, all of our paralegals are dedicated to providing top quality legal representation, while being accessible and attentive to the needs of our clients. Every case is assigned to a paralegal as well as an attorney. This team approach enables our firm to stay ahead of deadlines and aggressively work toward a prompt and fair resolution of our client matters from the moment we take on a case. In addition to coordinating team action on our cases, our paralegals are tasked with reaching out to our offsite team of nurse and physician consultants, engineering consultants, and accident investigators and reconstructionists.

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Our Attorney Co-Counsel and Referral Opportunities

Many of the firm’s clients have been referred from attorneys in other states. Also, we frequently help Indiana attorneys who do not concentrate in personal injury matters. We welcome inquires by any attorney wishing to discuss the referral of a case. Teaming up with other attorneys to protect the interests of our client is an enjoyable and considerable part of our practice.

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Our Facility

Like our attorneys and paralegals, our operating facility is a key component of our effort to provided top quality legal representation. In addition to video conferencing technology (which greatly facilitates co-counseling arrangments), we utilize state of the art digital transcription technology and video editing technology. We have projectors as well as portable screens and wireless technology for near effortless display of exhibits, text, photographs and videos at trial.

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