Lowell is a charming community located in Lake County, Indiana. Known for its eclectic array of antique and specialty shops, Lowell offers a unique blend of 1890s heritage and a modern, progressive environment. The lifestyle in Lowell is usually comfortable and relaxed, but when local residents experience an unexpected accident or injury, they call The Law Offices of David W. Holub.

As a law firm concentrating in personal injury representation, we will thoroughly explain all your rights and make sure they are protected throughout the legal process. Our clients receive professional, vigorous representation that will help recover the fair compensation they are entitled to.

Our Lowell personal injury lawyers understand that an injury or accident can have a devastating impact on individuals and families. The concern for our clients extends beyond financial reparation, and we work hard to help lessen the impact of past-due bills and medical collection calls.

Damages Recovered Through a Personal Injury Claim

David W. Holub handles personal injury cases stemming from motor vehicle crashes (including trucks and motorcycles), slip and falls, defective premises, medical malpractice, defective products, workplace or construction injuries, and much more. All these events can result in painful injuries that may last for days, years, or even permanently.

Physical pain is just one of many negative effects that the injury may have on an injured person’s life. When filing suit over any kind of personal injury, it is important to account for both economic and non-economic losses stemming from that injury, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost work income or benefits
  • Personal property damage
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish and psychological distress

In addition, it is crucial to include expected long-term losses in addition to short-term harm which has already occurred by the time the claim begins. A Lowell personal injury attorney could help estimate a fair value and then demand compensation for things like future medical expenses, lost working and earning capacity, lost overall quality of life, and other effects of permanent disability or disfigurement.

Common Legal and Procedural Roadblocks

Even if an injury does have life-altering repercussions, injured people do not have an unlimited amount of time to file suit over that injury. Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4 limits most people who get hurt through another person’s negligence just two years to file suit. Once that claim ends, they cannot go back later and ask for more money to account for new losses they did not expect to deal with.

Furthermore, IN Code §§ 34-51-2-5 and 34-51-2-6 allow courts to reduce the total compensation awarded to an injured person in proportion to their share of “comparative fault.” It bars recovery altogether by any person more than 50 percent to blame for their own injuries. As is the case most other aspects of the law, overcoming these obstacles to fair financial recovery will be much easier with support from a personal injury lawyer in Lowell.

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The aftermath of a serious accident is confusing and chaotic, and you might not know what to do next. As much as possible, you should try to be proactive about enforcing your right to civil recovery. The Law Offices of David W. Holub wants to help you get back on your feet.

A Lowell personal injury lawyer could provide answers to pressing questions and discuss the steps you should take to recover damages. Schedule a private meeting by calling us today.

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