Personal injury is defined as damage done to an individual in his person, rights, or reputation. Due to its complexities and time limitations, personal injury can prove to be an extremely difficult area of law to handle alone. It is always recommended to have your case evaluated by an experienced Rensselaer personal injury lawyer before taking action.

Nature of Injuries

Injuries can happen anywhere. They can be caused by a product defect, slippery pavement or floors, faulty repairs or in a traffic accident. Mistakes occurring during medical treatment are also considered personal injury. Even a situation where an employer has failed to provide a safe work environment falls under personal injury law. Proving an accident occurred however is not what most people struggle with. Proving negligence is the actual difficult task at hand. By securing the help of a trusted personal injury lawyer, you increase your chances of proving negligence tremendously.


If you sustained an injury or damages due to negligence, the negligent party should be held accountable by an Indiana court of law. Often times, if negligence can be proven, they will be ordered to pay compensatory damages. In personal injury, there are two main types of compensatory damages: general and special. These damages are meant to right the wrong and recover any damage the victim has endured. This can include repayment of medical bills, treatment, wage loss, and auto body work.

Rensselaer Personal Injury Lawyer

When you or a loved one has been victimized by the negligence of another, contact The Law Offices of David Holub immediately. A Rensselaer personal injury lawyer from the firm will aggressively pursue your personal injury interests and ensure that you receive the skilled representation you need for the best outcome. The Law Offices of David Holub are ready to help you with your case in a discrete, sensitive and compassionate manner.

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