2019: Year in Review – Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 of our Year in Review we share the next 20 condensed articles that we shared throughout the year. These articles explore your legal rights from smoke and fire injuries, the dangers of vaping, amusement park injuries, what the 3rd leading cause of death is, common sense and road construction, fighting back against insurance companies that string you along and much more.

Smoke and Fire Injuries and Your Legal Rights – here we examine if an attorney should be consulted after you accidentally burned down your home.

When Trying To Quit Almost Kills You – here we examine the dangers of vaping and if the manufacturers of such devices are liable when their vape pens explode.

Motorcycle Collisions Pose Challenges – here we look at the special dangers that motorcycles pose and legal issues could arise.

Going To War In Toontown – here we share how the “Happiest Place on Earth” became a scene out of a karate movie and what rights you might have being injured in an amusement park.

The Third Leading Cause Of Death – here we share how “oops” leads to negligence and can ultimately led to your death.

New Bicyclist Safety Protections In Indiana – if you own a bicycle and enjoy riding you need to catch up on these new safety rules.

Medication Adverse Reaction Injuries – here we share insight into prescription medications and the risks involved.

I’ll Order The Slip & Fall Special Please – in this article we share a scenario involving a slip and fall accident in a new restaurant and who is responsible.

The Dentist Was Careless, Can I Sue? – here we share information about dental malpractice and why it’s not always a slam dunk trying to sue your dentist.

Small Engine Gas Tank Leaks and Fuel Fire Injuries – here we share how lack of proper training and instruction can cause life threatening injuries and what can be done about it.

Ditching Common Sense In Road Construction Leads To $2.25 Million Settlement – here we share how accidents could be prevented in road construction areas if common sense was used.

Ford vs Forklift: Determining Negligence In A Road Accident Situation – here we examine who is responsible when a steel manufacturer doesn’t establish policies for road crossing.

Excessive Injury Due to Vehicle Crashworthiness Failure – here we share a scenario that may people experience which leads them to attorney and questioning whether than can sue.

New Ride Strands You Three Stories Above Ground For Over Two Hours, Can You Sue? – in this article we share a real life incident that occurred at a major theme park.

Three Years After Cancer Treatment You Are Diagnosed With SVCS, Can You Sue? – here we examine inherent risks involved with cancer treatment and how the statute of limitations plays a part if you seek a lawsuit.

When Insurance Companies String You Along You Need A Law Firm That Fights For You – here we share why its important to select the right attorney when battling insurance.

This Injures and Kills Hunters More Than Guns – in this article we share how this device which is supposed to help hunters is actually hurting them.

Store Holiday Decoration Dangers – here we explore often overlooked danger of holiday shopping and the subsequent injuries that could occur.

Preventing Vehicle Train Accidents Starts With Safety – in this article we share a real life vehicle train wreck example to show that improved safety measures are still needed.

How to Get the Most Out of Our Website – here we share how to explore our website and what to click to find what you need pertaining to your case.

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