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Car Crash Injury Made Worse by Doctor

What if a doctor treating an injury suffered in a car crash makes a mistake making the injury worse? The first thing to understand is that the careless driver who caused the injury remains legally on the hook for the wrist injury. But might the doctor who made the mistake also be liable? Join us […]

Rotator Cuff Tear Suffered in Car Crash

A torn rotator cuff is the type of injury one can suffer in a car crash or fall. Shoulder injuries sometimes respond to physical therapy but, more often than not, require surgery. Join us as we discuss how to prove such an injury at trial.

Proving Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Injury at Trial

“Complex regional pain syndrome” or CRPS is a nerve disorder that causes chronic pain. CRPS typically develops after an injury. In this video we explore the challenges of proving an injury involving CRPS at trial.

Can You Go to Jail for Lying to a Court?

A defendant is caught lying about running a red light. The lie is revealed by undisputable evidence of them running the light. If you are caught lying what penalties can a court assess? Can a lying witness, whether a plaintiff, defendant, or a third-party witness, be penalized criminally? Those questions and more are answered in […]