2020: Year In Review – Part 1

This year definitely didn’t go the way most had envisioned. The pandemic played havoc with society. Even Courts closed down. People panicked. Through it all, we were here when they needed us. And we will continue to be here to fight for your rights.

We here at the Law Offices Of David W Holub strived to keep our friends, followers, clients and even our own staff consistently updated with information. We dedicated more time to producing educational pieces such as blog articles, podcasts and even a new book.

Below is the first six months of our blog articles.

Pedestrian Accidents at Night – The risk of pedestrian accidents increases at night, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most pedestrian deaths occur in urban areas, non-intersection locations, and at night. Even the most vigilant drivers can be caught off guard by hard-to-see pedestrians walking after dark.

46 Million Dollar Settlement – Kind of grabs your attention doesn’t it? $46 Million! And just about every newspaper, radio and internet media channel made sure to highlight that big number. January 6, 2020 was the day the announcement went out. And within days the news was everywhere. The Swedish furniture retailer agreed to pay $46 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit.

10 Reasons Why We Might Decline Your Case – You called in a panic. Your emotions are running high and your thoughts are scattered. You along with several passengers were injured when a negligent driver failed to stop at an intersection smashing into your vehicle. You want to know what your legal options are, and if you have a valid case to sue.

Lending Your Car Comes With Risks and Possible Lawsuits – You lent your car to a neighbor to run errands. The neighbor calls you two hours later and says they were in an accident, the car is totaled and there are injuries. You heart skips a beat. You stumble for words. You ask if your neighbor is okay. Your neighbor gives you few details then hangs up. Then you wait. Hours go by and no word. Then you get a call, it’s from the police and they want to question you.

Hurt At A Gym While Making A Social Media Video – Since the rise in popularity of social media, some have taken to extremes in creating videos. Unfortunately, there are a few who just don’t use common sense, or think nothing could go wrong. And then they get hurt and wonder if they can sue.

Which is Better: Self-driving Cars, or Stay at Home Workers? – There continues to be a fascination with self-driving cars. The hope is that they will put an end to car crashes. But what exactly is a self-driving car, and is the dream of filling the highways with them justified?

Can We Sue Over Coronavirus Infection or Death? – Lately that’s been the question people are asking us. Can they sue if they or a loved one become infected or die from the coronavirus (also named COVID 19 by the medical community)? It’s a legitimate question, yet up until a month ago very few people even knew to ask it … and yet now it’s the question for which an answer is being demanded.

What Does Crashworthiness Mean? – Crashworthiness is something we look at with every single auto accident case. Why? Simply, if the vehicle or vehicles involved were not designed to absorb the impact and protect the passengers from injuries then the manufacturer of such vehicles could be held liable.

Flying Off The Shelves Into A Class Action Lawsuit – In these crazy times we are living where the words “social distancing”, “self-isolation” and even “lockdown” are drilled into our minds…one other word has become synonymous with this coronavirus… “hand sanitizer”.

What if Statute of Limitations Expires During a Closure – What happens when the statute of limitations on filing a case expires during a time when courts are shut down? If all of the courts are shutting down for months, due to an emergency, what does this mean for people who have a case that needs to be filed because the statute of limitations is running out next week?

Rear-End Collisions Can Mean Serious Injury – You are stopped at a stoplight and someone rear-ends you. You think that because you had to stop for a red light the other driver’s insurance is going to pay the claim. Not so fast.

I Was Injured While Grocery Shopping, Can I Sue? – Maybe you saw the headlines. Or maybe a friend told you. Or just maybe you came face to face with one. A bit shocking wasn’t it. Well, since the first announcement of 500 of these things back in January 2019 many people didn’t really know what to expect. Yet, the injuries caused by these things are increasing daily.

Filing a Case When the Courts are Closed – It may seem like strange times when the courts and other government agencies are closed. So what happens when the courts are closed and the deadline to sue expires. In this video we explain how the ordinary everyday court rules guide attorneys on how to deal with court closures. The Indiana Trial Rules tell us that if your statute deadline ends on a weekend or a holiday when the courts are closed, that the statute deadline is suspended or tolled, until the next day that the court is open.

What’s An Injury Attorney To Do When There’s No Accidents? – Well that’s the dilemma that most attorneys are in right now. And sadly, with some courts still closed it makes defending our clients against negligent drivers a bit difficult. With many States still implementing “stay at home” orders it means less people are driving which translates to a decrease in automobile accidents. …  Just as an aside, a “stay at home” population is unlikely to be involved in any type of accident (unless maybe falling off the couch while watching TV).

Your Life Matters…Understand the Risks Before You Riot and Demonstrate – Here we go again…okay I’m going to take a deep breath and just let it all out. It just boggles my mind that this needs to be repeated, but unfortunately it seems history is repeating itself and so I need to express my thoughts once again. You see, four years ago, I shared a blog article on my website about how Politics and Traffic Don’t Mix and how it’s not worth getting injured.

Traffic Signal Flashing Red in All Directions? – Ever been driving on the road and noticed that a traffic signal that usually changes from red to green to yellow is flashing red in all directions? Often traffic that once flowed smoothly through an intersection becomes jammed as everyone has to stop and proceed cautiously through the area. The resulting traffic jam problem especially grows when this happens to a string of lights along the same roadway. Nobody likes a traffic jam. Drivers can get impatient, antsy, and then the potential for motor vehicle collisions increases more.

The Health Risks of Disinfecting Covid – Every business has been forced into new protocols in dealing with Covid 19. Some are doing a very good job at balancing the health and well-being of their employees, others not so much. Some have gone overboard and are now facing lawsuits by the very people they tried to protect.

Covid Liability Release Forms And Your Legal Rights – Fear has gripped this nation. Well, fear of lawsuits that is. The Coronavirus known as Covid-19 has created so much panic that businesses, hospitals, event venues, amusement parks and local services are incorporating liability release forms into their customer intake procedures.

Tire Failure Leads to Roll-Over Crash – You’ve always been cautious about not letting your tires get too worn down. You check the tread depth every time you fill up. That is why when the police officer interviewed you in the hospital and she said your SUV flipped over due to tread separation and a blow-out … all you could do is stare back in disbelief. … After her words settle in you begin to realize you need the help of an attorney.

Covid-19 And Your Medical Malpractice Injury Case – This “new” normal that society has adopted due to the Covid-19 pandemic is causing havoc in the way patients are treated during surgery, after surgery and even in recovery. And it’s not just mistakes that are happening, but procedures are being ignored, or downright refused.

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