2022 Year In Review Part 1

Another year sharing our thoughts on medical malpractice, auto accidents and injuries of various kinds. Part 1 covers January through July with a snippet of what was shared plus a link to expand that article. Enjoy.


I Want to Sue for a Bazillion Dollars! – Well first, bazillion is not even a real dollar amount. Second, we haven’t even heard your story to determine if it’s worthy of a lawsuit. And third, even if your case has merit it might only win a small monetary settlement. Yes, you’re frustrated, angry and injured. Maybe you lost a loved one due to a negligent medical practitioner or due to an auto accident caused by a distracted or drunk driver and now want to sue. Perhaps you even saw ads or billboards from law firms that show how much money they won for their clients. And you’re thinking, “hey, I want that too”.


Social Media Is Not the Place to Ask for Legal or Medical Advice – Seems many people nowadays are not only posting their medical history online for all to see, but they are also seeking legal and medical advice from those same social connections. And, expecting that advice to help them overcome some problem they or a loved one is experiencing. Most lawyers will never respond to these types of postings as it could be construed as offering legal advice. Doctors and nurses as well are also instructed not to respond as their advice could create a conflict and potentially set them up for a malpractice lawsuit.

Use Care Signing Treatment Authorizations – Lately, we have run into situations with clients who have encountered extremely aggressive medical care providers. These bold and unethical providers are hoodwinking people into signing away their legal rights in exchange for getting treatment following a car crash. Yes, that is right. These grifters accept insurance when a patient injures their leg playing volleyball but REJECT insurance when the leg is injured in a car crash.


Factors That Affect Your Case – The last few months our phones have been ringing non-stop. Now normally this is a good sign. A sign that people need help. And we are always willing to help, if their case has actual merit. Yet, this has not been the case with many of these calls. Oh they usually call in a panic. They have injuries, unexpected medical bills and maybe even citations from law enforcement. And now they want to know their legal options and if they can sue. As we listen to these stories they seem to have a theme…they were injured due to a lack of common sense.

Who Do You Sue When Autopilot Causes Injuries? – This video is inspired by a call where the caller wanted to know if they buy a car with autopilot technology and the tech causes a crash, who is legally responsible? The caller did not specifically mention Tesla, but Tesla is back in the news again because one of their cars reportedly was responsible for causing crashes into emergency first-responder vehicles.


Why a Settlement? – Lawsuits are time consuming, they are also emotionally, mentally & physically draining. They can also encompass months, maybe even years of your life. The outcome of any case that goes to trial is never known until the jury rules on it. Which means that until their decision is made, you hope that you convinced the jury enough to rule in your favor.

How Do You Prove Traumatic Brain Injury? – One of the tasks of an attorney representing an injury victim is to find ways to present evidence to a jury to make the complex subject of brain injury understandable. The concept that direct trauma to the head can cause brain injury is readily demonstrable. But, permanent brain injury is not limited onlyto situations involving blunt head trauma.


Private Property Collisions: What You Need to Know – Over the years we’ve shared many articles about auto accidents. Most of those articles revolved around injuries sustained while driving on highways or public thoroughfares. Today’s article will be slightly different. Although it still focuses on what to do in the event of an auto accident…our goal is to help you if and when you are involved in an accident on private property.

Driving Behaviors Are Getting Worse – A recent survey conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA) and shared to their members about the behaviors drivers exhibited before and during the pandemic was a bit shocking. And sadly it seems those risky behaviors are responsible for an increase in auto-related accidents.

Can I Sue if E-Cigarette Explodes? – This video responds to a question from a caller whose son was injured when an e-cigarette exploded. The injuries were severe, and she wanted to know what, if anything, could be done legally. Exploding e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes have resulted in several lawsuits.


Will My Trial Be Televised – In the wake of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial we have been getting the occasional question of “will my trial be televised for all to see”? And up until that crazy trial that question was never asked. I suppose when two celebrities are fighting over who’s story is more plausible it becomes fodder for the internet, grocery store magazines and even YouTube.

Brain Injury and Vestibulo Ocular Reflex – Brain injuries can be challenging to prove in the courtroom. This video clip discusses how having a physician explain a simple concept can help a jury understand how a patient’s brain functions normally and what happens after an injury. The vestibulo ocular reflex is a reflex eye movement that stabilizes images on the retina during head movement. 

Finding the Right Attorney Can Be Challenging – Attorneys, like everyone else, like to get good reviews. Why? Because we, like everyone else, are conditioned to think that good reviews boost business and bad reviews hurt business. But do people really read reviews? Or do they simply look at the magical “simple average” at the top of the search results, which gives each reviewer’s opinion equal weight? 


Distracted Driving Is Negligence – When we typically hear about distracted driving accidents we envision someone texting while operating a motor vehicle. And yes, that does happen. Quite frequently I might add. However, there’s more to distracted driving than just texting. Did you know that eating while behind the wheel is also considered distracted driving? Yes, most cars do have cup holders, but they don’t have cheeseburger holders. Or taco holders. Or chicken sandwich holders. Or even pizza holders. Nope, cars just don’t have any of those things. That’s what your hands are for. Unfortunately, if your hands have food in them, then you aren’t using them to drive the car. No, your knee is a not a valid form of steering wheel guidance.

TBI and Vestibular Ocular Motor Testing – In the last video clip, we discussed the vestibulo ocular reflex. This reflexive eye movement can help quantify a brain injury. In this episode, we discuss Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening and explain what it is and why such screening of TBI patients is essential.

Unreasonably Dangerous: Tip-Over Incidents & Recalls – Recently KY3 News shared on its website a recall notice concerning 9-drawer chests sold at Costco after a tip-over incident involving a child. According to the recall alert, the chests can be unstable if not anchored to the wall, posing tip-over and entrapment hazards that can result in death or serious injuries to consumers.

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