2022 Year In Review: Part 2

Welcome back to the 2022 Year In Review. This is Part 2. To recap Part 1… we shared our thoughts on medical malpractice, auto accidents and injuries of various kinds. Part 2 covers August through December with a snippet of what was shared plus a link to expand that article. Enjoy.


Personal Injury Primer Podcast: 2022 Update – On June 13, 2019 our law firm launched the Personal Injury Primer podcast. Our mission was to  break down the law into simple terms, provide legal tips, and discuss topics related to personal injury law. It’s been over three years now and we’ve recorded close to 200 episodes. Plus we’ve compiled those episodes into three books (Vol 1Vol 2 & Vol 3).

Hit by Driver in Borrowed Rental Car – This video was prompted by a caller hit by a driver who was in a borrowed rental car. It appeared likely that there was no insurance covering the at-fault driver and that the vehicle was driven without permission.


Has Your Car or Truck Been Recalled? – During the first 6 months of 2022 millions of cars and trucks have been recalled by the manufacturers. What this means is that the vehicles in question had defects that ultimately could result in injury or fatality to those owners of such vehicles. And those recalls were issued as a prevention against future accidents.

Camp Lejeune Injury Claims – The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 allows individuals to recover damages from the United States for injuries that resulted from exposure to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, during 1953-1987. The new law opens up a window of time, at least until August 10, 2024, in which individuals who were harmed by the water contamination at Camp Lejeune may bring a claim against the United States.

Are Employers Liable for Traveling Employees? – We had a question from a caller rear-ended by a driver who was on his way to work at a construction site. The caller asked, “the guy who hit me was in his private car and had no insurance, but the construction company he works for has insurance. Can his employer be held responsible for the crash?” Well, the answer on this one is … maybe.


Can I Sue Over Defective 3D Printed Car Parts? – Ordering auto parts online has become so easy that even a non-mechanic can do it. It didn’t use to be this way. In years past, you would need to take the broken part to an auto parts store and find a match that worked for your car. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a squeeze on the availability of some parts. This meant finding what you needed in-store or online was more difficult. Then the opportunists stepped in and said, “Hey, we have a solution. We can 3D print your part.”

Is a Good Attorney Confrontational in Court? – Jousting contests with a witness may make for good TV, but in practice, does it help? Many attorneys believe that being a nice person can ruin a legal career. In this podcast we explore whether fighting with a witness is the best idea.

Hurricane Ian Flooded Cars and Trucks May Soon Be Sold in Indiana – That headline should concern anyone that is currently looking to purchase a used vehicle. Cars, trucks and even recreational vehicles that were flooded during the recent hurricane that ravaged Florida are being cleaned up and sold to unsuspecting consumers all over the country. WRTV out of Indianapolis shared a statistic from Carfax that an estimated 400,000 vehicles on the road nationwide have waterlogged history. And that statistic was before Hurricane Ian hit.

Child Injured While Trespassing Part 1 – Not long ago, we had a call from a person who asked, “my son is 12 years old. He found some old boards around an abandoned building, and built a ramp for his bike. The boards broke as he tried the ramp, and he fell and broke his nose and lost teeth. Can we sue?”

Suing If Injured by a Crowd Stampede at Event – A horrible stampede at an event in South Korea left 149 people dead and 150 more injured. Can an owner or operator of an event facility be sued in such cases?


Liability for Serving Alcohol to Minors at a Party – Can parents be held liable for injuries to a minor where they fail to monitor a party where alcohol is available to a minor? What does the law have to say about aiding and encouraging a minor to possess alcohol or giving alcohol to a minor?

The McDonald’s Lawsuit: 30 Years Later – In 1992, 79 year-old Stella Liebeck accidently spilled scolding hot McDonald’s coffee on her lap. She suffered third-degree burns on her legs and groin area. Those burns required many hospital stays, skin grafts and resulted in lost income and paying out of pocket for medical bills. She offered the fast food chain a settlement of $20,000, thinking that would be fair and cover her lost income and medical bills. But McDonald’s lawyers came back with an insulting offer of just $800.

Child Injured While Trespassing Part 2 –  In our last video clip, we discussed a question from a caller who asked, “my son is 12 years old. He found some old boards around an abandoned building and built a ramp for his bike. The boards broke as he tried the ramp, and he fell and broke his nose and lost teeth. Can we sue?”

The Negligent Party Lied – Sadly, people lie. If they told the truth there would far less defenders in the world seeking justice. Far less law enforcement officers. Far less lawyers. Far less judges. I think you get the picture. Those lies that people tell to make themselves look innocent, employ a lot of people.


Fell on Moving Sidewalks Can I Sue – We have all seen escalators. Now moving sidewalks that work much like escalators are becoming popular. What are your legal rights if you fall when using a moving sidewalk at a store due to a malfunction?

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