Crashes Caused by a Dog

Imagine you are riding your bike through a neighborhood, enjoying the fresh air when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a dog darts out in front of your bike and you lose control and seriously injure yourself. This kind of scenario in which an animal causes a bicyclist or motorcyclist to crash can happen whenever a pet owner does not leash or otherwise confine their dog to their property.

Dog owners might think their pet would never harm anybody, but it is impossible to predict what an animal will do in various situations. Besides, it doesn’t matter if the dog chases a cyclist without meaning to cause harm. A cyclist doesn’t have the space or time to maneuver away from a dog that rushes out into their path at the last minute. Such a moving obstacle is a real danger to cyclists and can cause serious injury.

Many communities have recognized the dangers dogs and other animals can pose to the public if they are not tied up, fenced in, or refrained from running loose. Not only can animals viciously attack others, but they can cause crashes by darting out into traffic. In an attempt to protect against these dangers, many cities and towns have incorporated ordinances into their municipal codes to require animals to be confined to their owner’s property or be leashed when outside.

If you are in a crash caused by a dog in a community that has a law about keeping animals leashed or confined, then the dog owner may be held liable for the damages you receive as a result of such a crash. It is important to talk with an experienced personal injury attorney about the specific facts of your situation to find out if the dog’s owner could be held liable for your injuries.

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