How to I make a business interruption claim?

Transcript: Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub.

What if your business is vandalized during a riot or out of control protest?

Does business insurance cover vandalism and theft? If not, how does a business survive if it experiences broken windows and stolen merchandise?

An insurance claim typically proceeds with an insured submitting a proof of loss. This is where a business explains what was lost as a result of vandalism or theft.

Many standard business policies will cover physical damage, stolen merchandise, and often even stolen or damaged personal property of the owners or employees of a business.

Losses because you were unable to operate your business, because it was unsafe to open, or because the property damage was too serious to allow you to open, may be covered as well in some policies.

The type of physical damage to a building typically at issue includes structural damage. Broken windows, damaged doors, and wrecked furniture. Water and smoke damage or environmental contamination may also be at issue.

Read and review your policy.

Often business interruption policies have time limits and focus on the time period you suspend operations. Some policies may exclude damage caused by a pandemic or government ordered shutdown.

If your insurance company denies a claim, see an attorney promptly.

We suggest you consult an attorney before submitting a claim if at all possible, to make sure you fully comply with claim submission requirements under your policy.

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