Car Accident on Icy and Snowy Road

“The weather forecaster predicts a wintry mix of ice and snow.”   For those of us who live in the Chicagoland area and northwest Indiana, this is an all too common phrase we hear each winter.  Every year, the winter weather brings treacherous road conditions of slick, snowy, icy roads.  These winter driving hazards combine with people’s negligence and recklessness to make our freeways and local roads dangerous to travel on.

Icy, snowy roads become slippery and make it hard for vehicles to gain traction.  As a result, the risk of vehicles skidding, sliding, and fish-tailing out across the road increases.  It isn’t always easy to see that the roads are slippery, especially when dealing with “black ice” which blends into the surface of asphalt roads.  That’s why it’s important that people drive slower and leave more room in between their vehicle and the vehicle ahead of them when driving on slippery roads.

Also, when snow starts coming down quickly or the wind starts blowing it around, it can create dangerous low visibility conditions or even “whiteout” conditions that make it impossible to see where you’re driving.  Low visibility combined with reduced friction on the road just spells disaster.

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