Amusement Park Injuries

Carnivals and county fairs are often thought of as fun and entertaining places to take your family. While it can be exciting and enjoyable to go on some amusement rides and eat treats from a concession stand, there are some potential dangers to keep in mind.

The recent tragedy at the Ohio State Fair is just one example. Supposedly the ride malfunctioned and the ride broke apart and lead to death and injury. Supposedly the ride passed inspection not long before it malfunctioned. Was the inspection flawed? Did the inspector work for the operator of the ride, or was the inspector independent of the owner? Was the person running the ride properly trained?

One of the key dangers in traveling carnivals and county fairs is that the amusement rides are temporarily set-up for the duration of the fair and then taken down again so that they can be moved to the next fair. In all that take-down and set-up, there is room for not only human error, but also for parts or equipment pieces to break, corrode, or wear out over time.

Injuries from amusement rides or carnival rides can be serious and include contusion, concussion, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputation, and broken bones. Who can be held liable if you or a loved one is injured on a carnival ride? Such an injury can potentially give rise to a cause of action against multiple parties, which is why it is important to seek out the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney who can tackle the complexities of your case effectively.

For example, a ride operator could be held liable for not properly assembling or inspecting the ride, for failing to keep the ride in a safe condition, or for failing to warn of safety risks or give proper safety instructions for ride-goers.

Alternatively, a ride manufacturer could be held liable for a design defect or manufacturing defect. For example, a person on a ride could be injured when a safety restraint on a ride malfunctions because of a manufacturing defect.

Each situation is unique and can give rise to holding different parties liable. Feel free to call (219) 736-9700 to speak with someone from our legal team about your particular circumstance.

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