Choosing A Car Accident Attorney

Try typing “car accident attorney” into Google or any search engine and most likely you’ll see ads from law firms from all over. And if using Google you might even see what’s called “Google Screened” followed by “Personal Injury Lawyers nearby” with names and pictures of various attorneys.

The internet really does make it easy to find lawyers. However, finding a lawyer and finding one that actually takes the time to learn about you, to listen to your story and fight for your rights can be an adventure in cyber surfing.

You see not every ad or search result is genuine. And there are some nefarious people who for unknown reasons pose as lawyers to scam the injured out of their hard earned money. So selecting a car accident attorney based on the first ad you see or the first link you happen upon is not what we recommend.

In fact, we encourage those who need a personal injury attorney to educate themselves about the firm they are about to hire. We challenge them to ask questions. And we make it a priority to provide them with all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Our experienced attorneys and paralegals work to help restore what the careless person or company has taken away from our clients. Careless and reckless action often leads to profound life changing circumstances which range from the inability to work, to loss of mobility, to dependency on others for the base necessities of life.

So our philosophy here at the Law Offices of David W. Holub is to provide top quality legal representation, while being accessible and attentive to the needs of our clients as we seek to repair the damage caused by careless conduct.

And most car accidents are caused by careless or negligent drivers. Distracted driving is the biggest cause of carelessness followed by driving while intoxicated.

When deciding on which law firm or independent lawyer is best for your situation here are some tips to follow…

1) Make a list of questions. Your chosen attorney should be happy to answer all your concerns and give you clear direction on the steps to take.

2) Ask for references. If you’re unsure of the validity of the firm you are speaking to, ask for a list of names that could speak to the reputation of the lawyer who is helping you.

3) Visit their office. Don’t believe everything on the internet as truth. Some law firms hide behind fake addresses. Make it a point to visit their location. Check them out. Talk to their staff. See how they operate in real life.

4) Ask about their experience. Not all lawyers who advertise have the experience necessary to defend your case in court. So make sure the lawyer you hire has the knowledge, the expertise and courtroom tenure needed to fight for you.

5) Ask about the fees. If they require money upfront ask why. The best car accident injury attorneys are clear about their fees and will only charge you when and if they win the case for you.

Our goal is to fight for truth every single day, and to protect and educate our clients.

The Law Offices of David W. Holub is a personal injury law firm located in Merrillville, Indiana, focused on providing efficient and effective client-centered representation. Our mission is to provide top quality legal representation, which includes an uncompromising pursuit of our client’s legal interests, while being accessible and attentive to our clients during times of personal challenge.

If you’ve been injured and are looking for answers we invite you to make use of the information on our website, and to call our law office at (219) 736-9700 to schedule a time to talk directly to us and see firsthand if we are the right law firm for you.

If you would like to learn more about personal injury law, we encourage you to listen to our Personal Injury Primer Podcast where we break down the law into simple terms, provide legal tips, and discuss topics related to personal injury law. And read “Fighting For Truth: A Trial Lawyer’s Insight Into What It Takes To Win” an entertaining and enlightening book pulling readers into the courtroom giving them a glimpse of the legal process and what it takes to win at trial.

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