How to Calculate Damages Resulting from a Permanent Life Long Injury

When a person brings a personal injury lawsuit, they get just one chance—a single trial—to obtain compensation for all the losses caused by an accident. Evidence of past and future losses must be presented at trial. Cases cannot be reopened if new or additional harms are discovered after trial.

It can be difficult to prove future losses, like the need for future surgery, but the single recovery rule forces a plaintiff to prove each claimed future loss at trial. To do this the plaintiff must offer the testimony of medical experts who can speak with authority to the likelihood of future medical treatment and care.

Additionally, once a medical professional testifies about treatment needs, sometimes an expert must testify on the cost of medical care, and be able to speak to costs years into the future. Whenever a work accident, car accident, or product defect causes life long permanent injury expect your attorney to give careful attention to presenting evidence of how you will be effected in the future and the cost of treatment.

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