Could a Robot Algorithm Cause a Car Crash?

We keep seeing headlines about self-driving cars. Will we (meaning humans) really be able to create cars and trucks which will avoid collisions without human intervention, and do so safely and securely without risking injury to passengers in the event of a crash? If you think this will soon happen, I have a stock tip which you might be interested in.

You see the wild stock market fluctuations we’ve been experiencing at the end of December 2018 in the U.S. stock market, where we had one of the largest single day drops, followed within a few days by one of the largest single day gains in history, are largely the result of robot algorithms created to buy and sell in pre-programmed ways. Yep, these dramatic swings in the market are due to algorithms, programmed formulas, a robotic Oz behind the curtain.

So, if robot trades can cause stock markets to swing wildly back and forth (presumably unintentionally). Do you trust robotic formulas driving your car? Sure, the market swings are perhaps magnified due to light volume trading, the normal year-end necessity of hedge funds needing to liquidate holdings to cover taxes for fund participants, as well as the fact that people traditionally at this time of year have maxed out their 401(k) contributions and are not pumping money into the market, but if it were not for robot algorithms would these wild large swings be occurring?

The bottom-line: if robots can be responsible for wild market fluctuations which could theoretically bring down the financial stability of a country, do you really want such a robot driving you around in a four wheeled vehicle at highway speeds on a scenic cliffside highway? Do you want to risk injury to your family because of a crash caused by some algorithm or formula that does not recognize correctly the edge of a cliff? Or, misreads a red traffic signal as green? Or rear-ends you because you forgot to turn on your headlights (and taillights) when you left the grocery store and it could not discern your car on the highway?

Here’s my hot stock tip, which admittedly is based on nothing more than the above, look carefully at the wisdom of investing in automakers that want your investment on a hyped ability to create self-driving cars. Do you think your investment in such ventures is money well spent? Will your investment crash?

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