Common Microwavable Products

Beware of non-food products that say they are microwavable because they can actually be very dangerous and cause severe injuries by microwaving them.  How?  Because they can get a lot hotter than you might think.  While manufacturers are supposed to test their “microwavable” products’ safety, several do not adequately test their products in a large variety of microwave ovens and do not warn consumers of the dangers of using their “microwavable” products.

For example, many people use reusable microwavable gel heating pads, which can also be put into the fridge and used as a cold pack.  The problem with these gel heating pads is that the gels tend to get very hot in the center while still initially feeling cool to the touch on the outside of the packet.  That “hidden” high temperature quickly travels out towards the cooler edges of the pad and can be hot enough to give a person a third degree burn.

Another example is hair removal wax that people buy from the drug store.  The product often comes in a small plastic container that you melt the wax inside using the microwave.  The problem is that waxes can get dangerously hot, even in a short amount of time in the microwave.  There have been instances in which wax has gotten so hot in the microwave when following the manufacturer’s instructions, that it starts melting the plastic container it is held in, which means it is above 365 degrees Fahrenheit. People have gotten serious burns after pulling the container of melted wax out of the microwave and having the hot wax spill on them.

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