BBQ Grills Cause Serious Injury

It’s the season of grilling and barbecuing outside in the backyard. Whether you’re making burgers, hot dogs, or kebabs, it can be a tasty and fun time to grill out. However, grills can quickly become dangerous. As the Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported, tens of thousands of people are sent to the emergency room each year from grilling-related injuries. Serious burn injuries, loss of limbs, and shrapnel injuries can cause disfigurement and require extensive medical care.

Some of the grilling-related injuries are due to defects in the design or manufacture of grills. Defective gas grills can lead to explosions if the propane tank is defective and/or leaking. Additionally, the gas tank hose that connects to the burner control can be defective. For example, some defective gas tank hoses have melted and caused a fire. Both gas and charcoal grills can have unstable or hazardous designs that cause the grills to collapse and cause serious burn injuries. Not only can the product itself be defective, but the grill manufacturers can be held accountable for injuries that result from inadequate safety warnings or instructions with their products.

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