Driver Crashed Bus – Driving with Untreated Sleep Disorder

Several years ago we helped a seriously hurt bus passenger after the bus she was riding in ran a red light. As we delved into investigating the cause of the crash we were startled to learn that the bus company had hired a driver with narcolepsy in his health background.

Narcolepsy is a condition characterized by frequent and uncontrollable periods of deep sleep. Needless to say the defense team agreed with us that a jury would not think well of a company assigning a driver who is likely to fall asleep at the wheel in charge of safely driving 30 to 50 people.

Though we settled this case favorably for our client, we found during our investigation that bus companies and trucking companies all too frequently put people with serious health conditions behind the wheel of a truck or bus. Sleep Apnea is also a medical condition where a driver might be prone to fall asleep at the wheel, if the condition is left untreated. We also discovered in researching this case that several nationally reported train crashes leading to serious injury and death of railroad passengers were traced to putting people in charge of a locomotive with similarly serious sleep disorders.

Why do we share this information with you? Because if you are researching this subject, it is likely that you need an injury attorney or someone close to you does. We know what it takes to obtain compensation for people who suffer injuries as a result of the negligence of careless drivers and irresponsible transportation companies.

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