Even Safe Cars Injure People

Every year a new set of lists come out stating which vehicles have been judged the safest in the automobile industry. And sadly every list is different. Consumer Reports, Motor Trend, Car & Driver and so on and so forth…every magazine and news agency seems to have “a list”.

How they ranked vehicles to be considered the best, seems like anyone’s guess. Oh, they state they used statistical data or some empirical study…unfortunately none of that matters when you are injured in an auto accident.

Manufacturers release new models in hopes to attract younger drivers, families with kids or pets or those having mid-life crises (don’t laugh, this is actually a target demographic). But those new models with their cool features don’t have a definitive history of actual real world accidents. Sure some of those models might be almost identical to the previous year model. Even the change of the shape of headlights or a front grill or even the size of tires can make that new model completely different from the previous model when it comes to safety.

So why do we share this information?

We share it to showcase the importance of doing your own due diligence when selecting a vehicle. Safety should always be a top concern. And as noted prior, everyone has a list. So deciding based on someone’s list, is not the best idea. The key is understanding the history of the vehicle and it’s real world accident data points, which then allows you to make a better informed decision.

Over the years manufacturers have taken those data points and developed enhanced features that are designed to keep passengers safer in the event of an accident. And many lives have been saved.

Yet, no matter how safe the history of the vehicle or how it’s built or what features are included or how many lives have been saved in the past…you might eventually be hurt in that vehicle. That’s when those safety features that the manufacturer added to the vehicle come into question.

Did the airbags deploy?

Did the reinforced framing hold up?

Did the windshield shatter or spiderweb?

Did the blind spot warning detection make a sound?

Did the electronic stability control activate?

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An auto accident can change the course of a person’s life in a split second. An injury can have a far-reaching impact on an entire family if a family member is unable to work, if hospital or home nursing care is required, or if the injured person’s ability to contribute to the operation of the household is altered.

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