Excessive Injury Due to Vehicle Crashworthiness Failure

You are stopped on the highway waiting to turn right into the parking lot at the beauty shop you go to every week. Another customer is backing out as you wait to pull into the lot. You get hit from the rear, and it’s a fellow with no insurance. It was a jolt, but not that bad really, however you suddenly find yourself lying flat on your back still strapped into the seatbelt and shoulder harness. When you try to get up you feel an awful pain in your low back. You look down and the seat has broken free from the body of the frame, and the seat back itself is bent flat backwards. … After the doctor releases you from care you start seeking out an attorney but you have no clue if the vehicle qualifies as defective, all you know is that the seat bolts shouldn’t have broken and if they hadn’t broken you are sure you would have been just fine.

Find out more about the subject of Crashworthiness in this video post.


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