Insurance Claims and Lawsuits

You hear a knock on the door. You peek out the window and there standing is a postal delivery person holding something in their hands. You open the door and hear those words… “I have a certified letter for you to sign”.

In that instant your heart starts to race as you’re frantically signing for the letter. You’re nervous and a bit taken a back. Who would send you a certified letter. You’ve been out of work for three months from an injury sustained on the job. So you fumble to open the letter.

You’ve been sued!

The insurance company is stating in the letter that the injuries for which you have been treated, and which it paid, actually happened at work, or are the result of a pre-existing condition, or the type of condition the policy does not cover, and it is suing you for the monies paid out for your claim. Your heart sinks. You start to panic. Questions form in your mind. Why is this happening? What evidence do they have that supports their actions? Why me? What do I do now?

This scenario plays out on an almost daily basis across the country as insurance companies try to recoup what they consider false payouts, or unqualified claim payments. Claims they deem shouldn’t have been payed. In essence they are forcing the injured to jump through hoops to prove they were indeed injured in the way they originally stated, or a way covered under the policy. Sometimes they claim a different company should have paid a bill, or you should have paid, or the policy excludes payment for treatment for injuries.

And sadly people allow their lives to be turned upside down by these tactics because they don’t have legal representation. They believe they don’t have a choice in the matter and what the insurance company sends them is the absolute way things must go and can’t be changed. Nothing is further from the truth.

Don’t fall for these scare tactics. After reading the documents you are sent. Take a deep breath and calm down. Try not to panic. The wording may sound ominous, confusing and strange but that’s what it’s designed to do. Don’t take it personally. Most of those letters are computer generated and although crafted with your name and some personal information the papers are in fact mailed without personnel seeing the details. A computer program determines if and when you might be selected to prove your case.

Doesn’t seem fair does it? Being selected at random or because a computer deemed you at fault due to some unknown glitch or programmed algorithm.

If you’ve received a certified letter from an insurance carrier demanding repayment or wanting you to prove your case and it happened in Indiana, I invite you to pick up the phone and call (219)736-9700 and talk to our knowledgeable, courteous and professional legal team here at the Law Offices of David W Holub.

What makes our firm different you might be asking yourself? For one thing…the firm has not and never will represent an insurance company. We fight for you, the plaintiff, in all aspects of injury and wrongful death claims. And … we understand the process and the legal jargon involved and although it may seem heavy handed and in favor of the insurance carrier, we spell things out for you in understandable language and let you know up front what steps need to be taken to resolve this issue and help you focus on healing again. Call (219)736-9700 today.

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