Ways to Foil Home Repair Scammers

We often get calls from people who have lost large amounts of money to home repair scams. Door-to-door home repair scammers often try to take advantage of communities that have been damaged after recent storms, using fear tactics to force people into a quick decision. For example, they may tell you they’re offering a limited-time discount that you must accept that day or they might require you to pay everything, or a large amount, up front. Once they get your money, they’re suddenly nowhere to be found to complete the job.

To avoid falling for a home repair scheme: 1) Be suspicious of unsolicited contractors who come to you trying to make a quick deal. 2) Get multiple price estimates from different contractors and to look up their ratings and standings online at the Better Business Bureau and the Indiana Attorney General’s Office, where you can see if complaints have been filed against them. 3) Check with local city or county building departments to verify that a contractor is locally licensed, bonded, and insured.

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