Say no to frivolous and vexatious lawsuits

Maybe you’ve heard about the story of the Indiana resident who sold his $40 printer on one of those internet selling websites only to be sued by the buyer to the tune of $30,000. Apparently the buyer who is unemployed has a history of litigious lawsuits and believes it’s his duty to sue people that wrong him.

The seller was just trying to make a few bucks selling an unneeded piece of equipment. Sadly, his $40 sale is now costing him thousands in attorney’s fees alone. Add in the frustration of dealing with this frivolous and vexatious lawsuit and the seller will probably think twice before ever selling any unwanted equipment online again.

I say frivolous and vexatious because most attorneys would never consider helping the buyer defend his stance with the seller. In fact, the buyer in most such situations likely couldn’t find representation and would act as his own lawyer in putting forth an annoying lawsuit. Ironically, the buyer reportedly has created a reputation for himself in the media for filing these time consuming, mind numbing and totally absurd claims.

Unfortunately, we are not without getting our share of calls from people who want to know how they can sue or if their claim qualifies as a valid case.

We received this call just the other day…

I was at a food store. I bought a cherry pie. I ended up having a spoonful. I realized that it was blue berries. I’m allergic to blue berries and was itching severely. They put the wrong label on the pie.”

Add in the many chats we receive off our website…

  • a guy who already has a work comp attorney but is not happy because the attorney cannot get more that the statutory caps
  • a guy terminated because he developed an non work related illness requiring hospitalization and prevents him from ever working again
  • a woman who paid $500 online for a limo to drive her daughter to prom and the limo never showed up
  • a guy wanting to sue because he rear-ended another driver because he got distracted by someone standing near the roadway
  • a guy who paid for disability insurance and wants to collect on a pre-existing condition but the insurance company says not so fast buddy
  • a woman who had teeth pulled and still is in pain a day later
  • a guy from another state who had a wheel fall off a twenty year old car while driving (nobody was hurt but he thinks cars should last forever)
  • a guy calling from a hospital saying he fell out of bed and his head hurts, but refuses to let the doctors or nurses know what happen – just wants to sue ’em

One of the callers said “you were the 9th attorney I called and nobody wants my case“. Hmm, I wonder why?

Look, we appreciate being called, emailed or even engaged in online chat, but if we happen to be that ninth law firm that you reach out to chances are we will turn you down too. We understand you may feel wronged and want some kind of justice done, unfortunately if your case lacks merit then we can’t help you. Here is a really good “rule of thumb”, imagine you are called for jury duty and asked to spend days listening to your claim, would you say “yep, this is important and though I don’t want to miss work I would happily do my civic duty to hear this case.”

Our mission is to provide top quality legal representation, which includes an uncompromising pursuit of our client’s legal interests, while being accessible and attentive to our clients during times of personal challenge.

Yes, we strive to represent each client aggressively and to obtain prompt and favorable results. We not only aggressively pursue our client’s best interests, but we remain accessible and attentive to our client’s needs. But that doesn’t mean we accept every case that comes our way.

If you desire a law firm that adheres to the highest levels of integrity and excellence, that understands the law, and is always looking out for the best interest of their clients then call The Law Offices Of David W. Holub at (219)736-9700 today.

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