Finding your way forward after a serious injury

You were hurt in an accident or harmed in some way by someone’s carelessness, and you’re feeling confused, isolated, frustrated and upset. The insurance company is giving you the run around and you’re wondering who is going to pay for all the medical bills that are starting to grow to a significant amount. You’re worried and rightfully so.

The injuries you sustained are preventing you from working, which means your monthly bills are being set aside in hopes that somehow, someway you will be able to take care of them when you get back to work. But, your job might be refusing to clear you to come back to work until your doctor says it’s okay. It’s a catch 22. … You need to work to earn money to pay the bills, but you can’t work, until the doctors say you are better. And, you can’t pay the doctor directly because you don’t have the money, and there is no insurance to pay the doctor.

We see this scenario playout day after day, and it’s the type of problem we daily help our clients overcome. We investigate your matter and work tirelessly to help return you as soon as possible as close as we can to the life you led prior to the accident. After 30 plus years of practicing law in the State of Indiana, it is clear that trying to fight the system without an attorney, although it can be done, is not something we would recommend. We understand the tactics that the insurance companies, medical practitioners, and even employers, use to keep you in the dark, and take advantage of your situation, and we are experienced at fighting these tactics.

Everyday clients come to us because they trust that we can help them navigate through the process of getting their claims settled effectively and yes, sometimes aggressively. When an insurance company says a crash is your fault, when you know you did nothing wrong, you need an advocate who will fight back and fight hard. One thing we will never do is keep you in the dark regarding your claim. In fact, we make it a point to keep in communication with you throughout the whole process. We listen to your concerns, and are empathetic to your pain and suffering. Our number one goal is to deliver prompt and favorable results. Results that allow you to regain your life again.

If you’ve sustained injuries through no fault of your own and live in the State of Indiana, we invite you to pick up the phone and call. We will be happy to take your information, answer your legal questions, and if you do in fact have a case, we will be happy to guide you through the process.

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