Going To War In Toontown

The happiest place on Earth turned into a bar room brawl the other day. It was a sad situation indeed. While some did try to intervene, others stood around and took video with their mobile phones. One of those videos was shared across the social atmosphere, first on YouTube, then to Facebook. The media picked up the story and helped it go viral, over two million views in two days.

Sadly, this fight wasn’t between a few unknown people. This was of a family attacking each other and the park goers became the spectators in this “fists of fury” event.

Testing your Bruce Lee moves against family members while in a cartoonish land was never something Walt envisioned. But it happened. And to the dismay of many young children who were in that area.

To all that come to this happy place, welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America… with hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” -Walt Disney

And although officials from Disneyland did ban the fighting family from the park and made a statement for the media. Some park guests who intervened were treated for injuries and bruises. Others questioned why it took security so long to respond and remedy the situation.

Fights of this nature are not isolated just to the land of Mickey and Donald, they can and do occur from time to time in any amusement park. Tempers can flare due to frustration, the weather, the temperature, how much money is being spent and even dehydration. Put all those together and you have a perfect storm of human emotions ready to erupt.

So why do I share this with you?

I share it to give you an insight into what could happen while attending any amusement park. Not just ones where mouse ears are the preferred head attire. Every amusement park has a duty to provide a safe environment for all guests.

If you are involved in an altercation while attending an amusement park you may have the legal right to sue the park operator. But before you do anything, you need to explain your situation to a lawyer. You should describe the incident that resulted in your injury and provide them with all of the information regarding your case.

After you have spoken to a lawyer, they will guide you in determining what course of action will be best for your case.

Amusement parks are designed for entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that park owners can’t be sued if you are injured by another park goer.

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