Trampoline Waterpark | Risks and Injuries

It’s labeled perfect for birthday parties or big groups. It’s advertised as easy to set up, that kids will love it and that it lowers the temperature by a whopping 25 degrees. In great big bold letters are the words PATENT PENDING as if that is supposed to illicit some Pavlovian response. Words such as “durable”, “safe” and “guarantee” are used to sway you the buyer into opening your wallet and shelling out your hard earned money.

To top it off … it’s being sold thru a major online service (named after a river) that makes buying something of this nature very appealing. Click it into your cart, pay with a credit card and in a few short days your item is waiting at your doorstep.

This particular item has “injury” written all over it.

It’s called the Trampoline Waterpark. And, as you might imagine it mixes water with a trampoline. How fast can you say “head, neck and back injury”?

The way this item is pictured makes it look very refreshing for young kids who like to play outside. It’s a trampoline with hoses attached to the sides that spray water into the center.

Oh, but adding water is even more fun, right?

If you said NO, then you understand what could happen. Water makes the surface of the trampoline a slick mess.

Now if you’ve ever been on a trampoline it can be entertaining, but it can also be very jarring to the human body. Thousands of kids and adults across the United States are sent to the emergency room every month due to trampoline injuries.

The pictures used in marketing this product show two kids jumping into the air a few inches off the trampoline fabric material while being sprayed on all sides with water. Which ironically contradicts most manufacturer’s safety protocols on trampoline use.

“Always monitor the number of jumpers using the trampoline, it should only be one at the same time.”

In 2014, the USA Today newspaper featured an article out of Indianapolis that stated trampoline injuries have amounted to over $1 billion in emergency room visits. And, that since 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended against backyard trampolines.


Here’s 7 trampoline injury facts you should be aware of…

  • Trampolines cause about 100,000 injuries every year.
  • Children under 16 suffer 93% of fractures related to trampolines.
  • Three-quarters of trampoline injuries happen as more than one person jumps.
  • Approximately 16% of injuries on trampolines happen to children younger than 6.
  • One in 200 injuries leads to permanent neurological damage.
  • Among those injured by trampolines and treated in the ER, 4% result in a hospital stay.
  • More than 96% of fractures happen on a home trampoline.

And those statistics are without adding water to the scenario. So please be careful.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a trampoline injury or need legal assistance in connection with a playground injury, or an injury involving any other type of amusement device, please call and speak to one of our knowledgeable attorneys. The number to call is +1 (219) 736-9700.

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