Having A McNuggets Meltdown | Tips To Stay Calm When Injured

A few weeks ago in Indianapolis, two women crawled through a McDonald’s drive-thru window in a dispute over their McNuggets order. These two women started a brawl with the restaurants manager and employees. Then climbed back through the drive-thru window, got into their car and sped away.

Seriously, it sounds ridiculous when you read about it. Two grown women climbing through a drive up window at a fast food restaurant, then wildly punching employees and managers, then exiting the same way they entered and driving off. Over chicken nuggets.

So why do I share this story?

I share it to give you an insight on human behavior. The news articles about the above nugget dispute don’t go into detail about the state of mind of the two women nor their anger issues. But, we the reader can assume those women were not in a good state of mind. The amount of rage that triggered these nugget craving bandits to climb through a drive-thru window must have been off the charts.

Hey we’re all human, right? We all exhibit strange behavior sometimes. Now, maybe you wouldn’t ever dream of having a nugget meltdown. But when you’re injured by another’s negligence whether intentional or not…you become angry, irrational and sometimes despondent.

And thats when you make mistakes.

Not only are you angry at life for throwing you into this predicament, but you’re ready to have a meltdown. Your state of mind is frazzled. You have insurance companies nagging you, your employer asking when you are coming back to work, friends and family wondering when you’ll be better…and the doctor telling you one thing, while your physical therapist tells you another.

Months go by and you’re still not healed, doctor’s bills are mounting, insurance claims are being held and your employer filled your position. You’re at your whit’s end. Everything people say or do effects how you in your injured state treat them. Having that McNuggets meltdown sounds pretty good right now.

You want to scream, you want to hit someone, but most of all you want your life back.

We get it! And, honestly, youre not alone.

The majority of our clients who have been injured as a result of another’s negligence feel the same way. And, we help them get their life back. Or at least close to what their life was prior to the injury.

Heres a few tips to keep in mind

  • Contact an attorney for help – in regard to preserving evidence, locating witnesses, taking measurements and photographs.
  • Be cautious about speaking to insurance claim people – your health insurance claim people included without first obtaining legal advice.
  • Keep everything pertaining to your case – that means bills, police reports, medical reports in a box or envelope that you can take to your attorney.
  • Stay Calm this one is difficult, but the calmer you can be the less chance you will make a mistake and say the wrong thing that could ruin your claim.

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