How Real Life Law Works

Why is it my court case is taking so long? On TV court cases only last 10-20 minutes, yet my case has been dragging on for what seems like eternity? Is this how it really is or is my case just weird?

Your case isn’t weird and yes, this is precisely how it works.

TV glamorizes the law and makes lawyers into court room super heroes.

And, although most lawyers wouldn’t mind having super powers…getting court cases and procedures within those cases to move faster is out of their control.

On TV, people get sued and the next day they are in court and the lawyers ask a few questions, the jury (if there is any) listens to the testimony and gives their determination to the judge who looks it over and if the judge agrees has the jury foreman read it out loud.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it really works.

Before a case is even filed, investigations need to happen. Lawyers on both sides need to have adequate information, which means a back and forth of questions and answers for both parties involved. This could take weeks, months or longer depending on how forthcoming the individuals involved are.

If a case can’t be settled out of court, then a date needs to be scheduled to have the case brought before a jury trial. Again this could take weeks and months.

A year or more could have gone by waiting for your day in court. It doesn’t seem fair does it?

You’re injured, you’re in pain and the legal system is making you wait. You just want to scream.

We get it. And, the waiting game is something that we try very hard to explain to our clients.

And sometimes…

Sometimes there’s a complete mix up…and your case goes courtroom hopping.

You arrive early at the court building, there you are greeted by your attorney. It’s 8:30am and your case is scheduled for 9 am in courtroom A on the 2nd floor. But, then there is a change.

The room is already occupied with another case that has lasted more days than originally anticipated. So your lawyer is told by the judge that a different courtroom will be used for your case. An hour goes by and now you learn your case is in courtroom B on the 1st floor. So you make your way to the elevator and down to the new courtroom.

You arrive at courtroom B only to find it to be completely empty and no one seems to know anything about your case. Forty-five minutes goes by and your lawyer informs you that your case is moving back to the original courtroom.

You’re thinking what is going on?

If this was television your case would be over hours ago.

You got here super early only to have wasted almost two-hours jumping from one courtroom back to the next.

It happens. It’s not the judge’s fault. It’s not the fault of any of the lawyers. Sometimes scheduling mistakes occur. And, it spells more time involved with your case. You’re stressed and angry. You just want your case heard.

I know it’s not something most lawyers like to talk about.

They, in fact, prefer to share how seamless cases will progress and everything will go smoothly.

Well, this isn’t television…it’s real life.

With real people. People with injuries. People with heartache and pain. People tired of waiting. They’re tired of more surprises.

And, that’s one thing we at the Law Offices of David W Holub will always do…we will keep you informed. Hey, we don’t like waiting either, but after over three decades of helping clients with their injury cases, in and out of the court room, we’ve learned how to overcome the surprises.

Our professional lawyers will keep you in the loop, guide you through the legal menagerie and help you understand the time involved with your case.

If you’ve been injured by the negligence of another, and that injury occurred in the State of Indiana, pick up the phone and call us at (219)736-9700. We’ll answer your call and let you know if your claim has validity and if so the steps to take to proceed with a case. And, we’ll give you realistic expectations, time frames and what you can expect throughout your case.

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