Injured or Causing Injury While Recording Video

Since the rise in popularity of social media, some have taken to extremes in creating videos. Unfortunately, there are a few who just don’t use common sense, or think nothing could go wrong. And then they get hurt and wonder if they can sue.

Have you ever been to a fitness facility of some kind and witnessed someone try to make a video? Or maybe you’ve watched one of these videos online as these social media warriors engage in wildly insane antics. I recently watched a video of a guy balancing on an inflatable exercise ball while holding a steel weight bar with what look liked at least 200 pounds on it. Crazy.

But they call themselves “influencers” or Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or even TikTok celebrities. They make videos for the sole purpose of trying to gain more followers, capture likes and elicit comments. Unfortunately, these types of influencers always try to outdo each other with new tricks, outrageous stunts or just downright dumb choices.

Then they hurt themselves. Maybe that exercise ball that the guy was balancing on pops sending him to the floor and the weights he was holding flying about. Now he’s injured and the weights he was carrying slam into others injuring them as well. Doesn’t seem right does it? Yet, it happens. And probably more frequently than it should.

Influencers are pushing the bounds of common sense to gain celebrity status only to get hurt then elect to sue the very facility where they filmed their shenanigans. Ironically, their own videos will be used against them if their case goes to court…in most cases it will never make it that far.

So why do we share this with you? We share it to remind you that actions have consequences. And those actions when done for self-promotion don’t always work out the way they were envisioned. You can get hurt. Others can get hurt. And if your actions caused harm to befall another…that could be considered negligence. And you’ll be at fault. In fact, if while you were making your video you caused harm to another, the injured party could turn around and sue you. And, they might have a very strong case. … Or the insurance company that covered the injuries sustained by your neglectful video making could initiate a lawsuit to recoup what they paid out.

People go to gyms and fitness centers to work out, to learn how to be healthier or lose weight. Most never think about getting hurt while there, nor being injured by an influencer or social celebrity trying out their latest trick.

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