I Was Injured While Grocery Shopping, Can I Sue?

Maybe you saw the headlines. Or maybe a friend told you. Or just maybe you came face to face with one. A bit shocking wasn’t it. Well, since the first announcement of 500 of these things back in January 2019 many people didn’t really know what to expect. Yet, the injuries caused by these things are increasing daily.

Now you might have a vague idea of what I’m alluding to or you might not. So let me give you another hint…Dr Who called they want their Daleks back. Or how about R2D2 from Star Wars? Not a Sci-Fi fan. Well okay then…I will just come out and tell you. Robots! In your grocery store.

Last year Giant Food Stores installed a googly eyed robot called Marty into its 172 stores across the United States. The robot is designed to scan shelves for inventory control and signal when spills on the floors occur all while dodging customers with their shopping carts.

Yet Marty doesn’t have the reflexes that a human would have and doesn’t always make the correct calculated assessments in movement which causes customers to misjudge, misstep and collide into displays, aisle shelves and anything around.

Sadly, the grocery stores deem those accidents as acceptable and justify the robots as needed now more than ever. As this crisis of social distancing has weaved through society and has made human interaction, for now, a concern.

Now retailers like Walmart, Target, Giant Eagle and others are getting robots similar to Marty and the injuries across the United States are mounting.

Patrick Maturo, manager of store optimization of Giant’s parent company, Ahold USA had this to say, “These robots have a number of obvious benefits over their human counterparts — they’re consistent, work without pay, and never needs breaks or time off. Customers seem to like them, too.”

Sure, customers seem to like them, until they get hurt trying to avoid them.

Most of these robots are designed to stop what they are doing when a human approaches to close. Unfortunately those in motorized scooters or using walkers tend to get blocked by these mechanical rovers and get hurt when they try to go around them. And some customers have reported in order to avoid the robot they have slipped in the very spill the robot was trying to protect customers from.

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