Infections Acquired During a Manicure or Pedicure

Nail salon fungal infections, as well as bacterial infections, and the spread of deadly diseases including hepatitis, commonly result when a salon fails to sanitize and sterilize equipment as required by state regulations.

If after a pedicure or manicure you begin to experience red or irritated skin, develop a rash or fungal infection, or experience burn like symptoms, seek prompt medical care.  Then consult a lawyer familiar with nail salon infections.

These injuries are never the result of an accident. Infections only result when the equipment used is not sterilized and sanitized as required by law. Though pedicurists and manicurists need to be licensed, there are strong incentives to cut corners and endanger customers. For example, a thorough disinfecting of equipment between customers should take a minimum of 15 minutes. If you see customers being serviced at shorter intervals, client health and safety are at risk.

More particularly, the regulations require that all nonporous implements be fully immersed in an EPA registered bactericide, viricide, and fungicide disinfectant for ten (10) minutes between uses. For manicure bowls and pedicure basins that circulate water (whirlpool tubs) the following disinfection protocol must be followed between customers:

(A) Remove all debris and wash the basin, tub, or footbath.

(B) Fill with water and: (i) an EPA registered tuberculocidal bactericide, viricide, and fungicide disinfectant; or (ii) ten percent (10%) bleach solution.

(C) Circulate at least ten (10) minutes.

Further, the law requires that these rules be posted in a conspicuous place in the salon.

If you or a loved one acquire an infection following a manicure or pedicure, seek prompt medical care, and then please call one of our attorneys at 219-736-9700 for a free consultation.

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