Injured By The Birdbox Challenge

Over the last year I’ve written about some weird “challenges” people are doing. And some of those challenges are causing serious property and bodily injuries. Then the injured call us and wonder if they can sue.

Well it seems that when one challenge subsides another is right behind ready to be tested. And this challenge, sadly, is smack dab in the driver’s seat. And blindfolded. This new challenge is called the “Birdbox”. And it was named after the new Netflix movie “The Birdbox” starring Sandra Bullock. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I won’t spoil it. However the teaser trailer of the movie clearly show Ms. Bullock’s character wearing a blindfold while desperately trying to move about through life’s adventures.

Unfortunately, people are trying this challenge in their vehicles, yes, while driving, and smashing into other cars, other’s property and even into people.

When you type “Birdbox Challenge” into Google, here’s the latest in headlines…

  • Bird Box challenge: Utah teen who crashed car while driving
  • Three in custody after ‘Bird Box’ challenge-style chase in Dallas
  • Teen causes crash doing ‘Bird Box Challenge,’ police say
  • Tesla Driver Stupidly Does Bird Box Challenge on Autopilot
  • Netflix to idiots: Don’t hurt yourself doing ‘Bird Box’ challenge
  • YouTube Is Sick Of Dumb Pranks After The Bird Box Challenge

You would think common sense dictates not to wear a blindfold while driving. Then again if you are taking the challenge then common sense gets tossed aside. Blindfolding yourself then getting behind the wheel of a car just to see if you can drive around obstacles is downright dangerous and very negligent.

And yes, the injured can sue.

A person playing the “Birdbox Challenge” with their eyes covered has no idea of their surroundings, they are just driving aimlessly about hoping they don’t crash into something or someone. Until they do. Then instead of feeling remorse in any way they are disappointed they failed the challenge.

An auto accident can change the course of a person’s life in a split second. An injury can have a far reaching impact on an entire family if a family member is unable to work, if hospital or home nursing care is required, or if the injured person’s ability to contribute to the operation of the household is altered.

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