Injured Due to Lack of Smoke Alarm or Extinguisher?



Hi. I’m Indiana personal injury attorney David Holub.

Many times, we have assisted families who have suffered injuries or loss of a loved one in an apartment or home fire.

The lack of a functioning smoke alarm or even a lack of a functioning fire extinguisher can be important.

When landlords fail to maintain a safe environment for apartment residents in the event of a fire (even where the landlord is not at fault for the fire) the lack of a smoke alarm or extinguisher may be instrumental in causing injury. Here is what attorneys look for:

  • was the smoke alarm sounding at the time of the fire?
  • was the smoke alarm properly placed in the apartment, or was it too far from a bedroom to alert someone asleep in a bedroom
  • was the smoke alarm of a modern type to quickly sense a fire
  • was there a fire suppression system in the apartment (either sprinklers, hand extinguishers, or range hood mounted extinguishers)
  • did the lack of suppression equipment combined with a lack of alarm warning increase the risk of injury
  • were escape routes marked for the building
  • did the apartment have a sufficient number of escape routes
  • were fire escape ladders (fixed or rope) provided

Without an experienced attorney in your corner, you could end up not recovering for the full extent of your injuries.

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