Investigating Your Story | Road Construction Injury Case

As you’re driving along on the freshly paved newly opened road you notice how smooth it is and you turn to your companion and say, “wow, they really did a nice job on the paving”. And not more than a few seconds after you said that your car hits an obstruction in the road and you lose control of your vehicle. Luckily there were no other cars, trucks or motorcycles in the vicinity and the only damage was to your own automobile. But you and your passenger sustained injuries. Injuries that although were non-life threatening, did require immediate medical attention for possible head trauma, a broken wrist, whiplash, lacerations and contusions.

Police, ambulance and other first responders are called to the scene and are able to extricate you and your passenger and get you to a hospital for further medical care. While on the scene the police captain detects the object in the road that caused the accident and writes his observations in his report. It’ll be that same report that insurance companies may ask to see if the obstruction is removed so the road can be reopened to general traffic.

But was the object caused by faulty road construction or did it just happen to be a wrong place, wrong time situation? What is known is that the object that caused the accident is not normally supposed to be there, and the road had just opened to the public just an hour prior so the chances of an object falling from a commercial truck was slim. But even slim, the possibility was still there.

When injuries like this occur, it’s not always clear cut who is at fault or if the event is deemed an act of god. This is why investigations have to occur and evidence needs to be preserved. Evidence such as photographs, written statements, video and police records. It’s necessary to render a story. And it’s that story that will convince a judge, a jury or arbitrator that your injuries and vehicle damages were not of your doing but caused by an object that wasn’t supposed to be there. An object that may reveal if it did indeed come from the paving contractor and why it was left in the middle of newly paved roadway.

Whether in a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, bus or RV if your injury occurred as a result of a road safety issue consult the Law Office of David Holub today. At our Indiana Law Firm, we take your accident injuries very serious and scrutinize all investigations, reports and insurance documentations to make sure everything tells the correct story.

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