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You were involved in an automobile accident that resulted in injuries and damages. You sustained minor head trauma, while your passengers had to have X-rays and CT scans which revealed broken bones and internal bleeding. The driver of the car that hit you was rushed to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival. Both vehicles sustained heavy damage and most likely will be labeled “totaled”.

The deceased’s insurance company wants to investigate. You know it’s not your fault so you agree to answer their questions. However, in the course of conversation you reveal too much. You share something that causes the insurance adjuster to second guess your story. Then you receive a letter days later saying that based on testimony that you freely gave, the deceased’s insurance company would not be paying for your injuries and damages. And to make matters worse they are now accusing you of causing the accident.

You feel deceived, angry, confused and overwhelmed that not only will you not be reimbursed for your medical claims, but now you are responsible (based on the insurance adjustor findings) for all the monetary damages. And it all stems from you revealing too much information.

Remember Joe Friday from the TV Drama show “Dragnet”? He was a detective that didn’t like engaging in unneeded conversation. “Just the facts” was his catch phrase. He only wanted the pertinent information. He knew that anything more than just the facts could incriminate the person he was interviewing.

Insurance adjusters are the opposite of Joe Friday, they actually want you to spill the beans and share more information. Anything they can use to not have to pay claims the better. And, yes, they are good at subtly prying information from you. Their questions are designed for the specific purpose of gathering information. And sadly, those injured by another are typically the ones who suffer the most.

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